Have you ever wished you were someone else? It might be nice to be that girl standing over there, the hub of the conversation. Or for one day to be that guy, whose confidence makes us believe every word he says. Or perhaps it's that girl who's found her true love, or our friend who's so smart. Or maybe even that lazy cat dozing in the sun that doesn't worry about anything.

I mean, who doesn’t want to be someone else at some point? Wear someone else's shoes for a second, and see what it’s like. Escape our problems, our fears. Be someone else - someone we want to be - whether that's the great writer, or the scientist with the cure, the courageous fireman, or the famous politician. It would be so fun to be able to escape our own personal life.

Yet, sometimes we forget that everyone has problems and terrible things happen to them – not just us. All those people who look so great – who we’d like to be - they have problems just like us. In fact, if we saw what it was really like to be them, we would probably want to go back to our own lives in an instant. Sometimes we forget that people are simply people.

Besides, what happens to us – and the problems we have – is not what separates us from others. Rather, it is how we choose to deal with what comes, or how we decide to face our conflicts. Terrible things happen to people who never deserved them. Awful problems will come our way that we should never have to deal with. But it isn't the things or problems we have that define us; it's how we manage our setbacks that say who we are.

We each have a choice whether to let the bad things take us down, or oppose them because they exist. We can be depressed, slinking in the corner because we got what we didn't deserve. We don't have to care, we don't have to be. If that's what we want.

Or we could be the warriors who face the challenge, and become better for it. Because we have a choice to be that girl in the middle of the conversation, or the girl who avoids people, because they’ll just hurt her. We can choose to be the guy who speaks eloquently, or the guy who’d rather not use his voice because won’t do any good for anyone. That's what inspires the great writer, or makes the courageous fireman. That's what keeps the scientist searching for the cure, or what makes people love the politician.

We have to go past feeling sorry for ourselves, past what hurts us, and turn it into something more, something better. We can be so breakable, but in being broken, choose to become stronger in the healing. It’s like when we trip on concrete and fall on our knees, and blood starts pouring out. But then it heals, and there is a scar, but the skin of the wound is healed stronger than the skin was before. It’s tougher.

And in the end, when it comes down to being someone, no one could ever really be better at being us than ourselves.

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Kelvin Oliver said...

You have written a very good post. I can somewhat relate to what you have mentioned. I sometimes think or wished to be someone else; however, I am fine the way I am :). We all have to overcome our challenges and just be stronger and not let other people scare us, not showing fear.

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•¦Amy¦• said...

Wonderful post. Bravo. :]

I sometimes wish that I could try out someone else's life, just for a bit. Be it my cousin who's super smart and has a scholarship to MIT, or my best friend that seems to have everything going for her.
But you're right everyone has their share of problems, that's what makes us all alike. We all have our strong points, and our problems and weaknesses. What we need to become is comfortable in our own shoes. The way we are, how God made us. Because he gave us our life for a reason.

Love your posts more and more everytime I visit.

-Amy <3

jEeRo said...

aNother great post..
i suppose its juz human thinking 'the grass is alwaz greener on the other side'..yes its true every1 has his/her own problem..some juz hide it better than others while some juz whine n do nothing bout it..
to fight back to heal isnt any easier..n its alwaz easy to juz give others advise(s) cuz we r not in his/her shoes..we dun really know what happened..
but yes i do believe 'what hurt u wont kill u,it'll only makes u stronger'..if u really wanna be stronger..

Glass Mannequin said...

You inspire me, Butterfly.

You always talk about things that I've never really thought about before. I have a friend who is the most popular guy I know. The "in" crowd follows him around like lost puppies. He told his friends that singing was cool and I saw half of them in choir at church three days later. He's nice to everyone he knows and never gossips.

But his home is a wreck. His brother works in a tattoo parlor and his father and mother have very different beliefs and it's very hard for him to decide what's right.

Great post.


Romans 12:2 said...

I like the side walk example. Good post. - Bob

The Y River said...

Great post...very uplifting. Where do you get your inspiration from. Its magnetic

Story of a Girl said...

i like your post. i have thought that as well. but it's true, we must realize all have problems. and maybe in that circumstance, we wouldn't want to be in their shoes. i make the best me as well :)

Beaut!fully Br()ken said...
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♥Mademoiselle♥ said...

wow this post really got to the heart
sometimes i want to be like someone else but i know i can't. it's not a need or a desire just something i kinda want. Then again sometimes i am glad i am me because i know there are people who are less fortunate :)

Okie said...

Very astute. Rather than wishing for what you don't have that someone else has...make the best of what you have. If there's something you REALLY aspire to have or do that someone else has or does, then make that a goal and work towards it.

Great post.

Ms.Music.Lover said...

Your post are so inspiring. They make me think, and the fact that you thought of them in the first place is crazy! Great post, and thanks for commentting on my blog =]

Rafé said...

yep yep, very true..

Beaut!fully Br()ken said...

Omg! You've got 68 followers ! Looks like you're one of the most famous ones out 'er on blogspot :) Lol !
I do feel like this. Awesome post ! Makes complete sense :D

deko and posh said...

Wow! We love your post. We love to inspire and empower others and you made great points. Good for you. Keep it up.

L8R...Deko and Posh