Fly Free

Fly away little bird
Fly away
Soar high

Fly today little bird
Fly today
In the sky

Because you can little bird
Escape your place
Who you are
Go far

Past the trees
Over mountains
You don't need keys
For ocean fountains

See the sunset never set
The sunrise always met
Little bird fly
Fly cloud high

Before you find
You can't escape the air
Before it's in your mind
That you're lost behind

Little bird
Don't you see?
It's too late for me


♥MademPokerFace♥ said...

thanks but your is better
it is more from the heart than mine is :)

•¦Amy¦• said...

Aww. I love it.


-Amy <3

Glass Mannequin said...

It's just so wonderfully sad.

Tragically beautiful? Or beautifully tragic?


Sy said...

That was very beautiful! I just finished writing a song 2 days ago and it's amazing because I used the words "It's too late for me."

I enjoy your work, it's therapeutic and relaxing. I think you'd like my songs! I just got 4 wisdom teeth pulled yesterday so I'm going to write about that :)

cabinetdecuriosites said...

the last line is heartbreaking. keep writing.

Romans 12:2 said...

I like the part, "See the sunset never set". That was very genious. - Bob

Beaut!fully Br()ken said...

I agree with Bob ! Wonderful poem ! Great words. Superb blog ! Everything about your post is awesome! :)

jEeRo said...

i wish im that little bird too..able to fly away fly free..leave this place..even if for awhile..
a beautifully written poem(or song?)..love the last line..
thkx for your lovely comments too..

In Blue and Green said...

Oh this is so lovely but this is an important message: My comments have been going missing for some time now. Apparently it was my fault but its been fixed :)
Any comments left posted on my blog will no longer disappear.
Thank you for understanding and hope to see your prints soon

Benji (Rafe) Pacheco said...

that little bird would be my soul...if it had not reached the punch line of doom
"Don't you see?
It's too late for me"

James said...

I like this post. It reminds me of a song I heard. The sky is the limit, and we are that bird, yet at the same time we are the person it is too late for us. We help the bird fly, yet at the same time we are unable to help ourselves. Sorry for not commenting in such a long time way busy, and I like your blog keep posting!

Blue in Green said...

This is so lovely. I had to read again.