Traffic Light

Red, yellow, green
You’re not what you seem

You stop us
Control the lanes
You start us
And hold the reins

You make us late
Or bring us early
Miss the gate
Commanding clearly

Do you know your power?
Your controlling might
From up above your tower?
Lighting up the night

Who are we?
Do you know?
Are we a bit crazy?
Does it show?

Because you see people laugh
You see people cry
You see people live
You see people die

You observe so much
And yet can’t say
What happens during
Night and day

Red, yellow, green
You’re more than you seem


deko and posh said...

Stopping by to say have a great Holiday.

Wink...Deko and Posh

Rafé said...

not bad, haha, I bet I can rap to these lyrics..

Glass Mannequin said...

And sometimes, it's interesting to see the value behind the littlest things in our world.

Three lights control thousands of cars an hour. The little lines on the street utterly command the cars that drive between them. A small piece of pulped wood is used as currency. You often hear about the value of the dollar. The dollar is worth exactly as much as we believe it's worth.

A dollar is really just a bunch of pulped wood with green ink.

•¦Amy¦• said...

I liked that. <3

YERIKA said...

Wow that awesome
you write incredible
i am glad you liked my last blog
Have Happy Holidays =]
-Yerika Reyes
Wierd Teenager

Clandestine Heart said...

Great poem!
I'm jealous.