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Hey! So I was wondering if you could help me out with a little advice. I would like to know what you personally think I should major in college & pursue as a career. I'm a little lost about the whole thing, and you know a lot about me from reading my blog. You might even know more about me than I do myself ;)

You might want to keep in mind I'm not that fond of science & math. Also, I like the arts (singing, writing, photography, etc.). But, in addition, I like more physical things (taekwondo, ice skating, soccer, etc.). So feel free to just list some options you could see me doing & later on I'll post what you all suggested the most.


Victoria said...
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Glass Mannequin said...

I think that you should major in something like creative writing or English Literature. Something where your aptitude for poetry could shine into your work.

I don't have any advice except to say that I think that you will do what will make you happy and that you're going to be incredibly happy with whatever you do. You're going to find a way to love your life. I can just tell.

You know what you like. Just go and do it.

Ms.Music.Lover said...

with the way you writing, Creative Writing would be a great major for you. But I know how you feel; I'm interested in so many different things, I don't know what I'm going to do!

Thanks for the early birthday wishes!

cabinetdecuriosites said...

I'd say go in with English lit, take some writing workshops, dabble in languages, psychology, history. Then change you're major if you're so moved. From my experience, I think it's better to go in with direction, and then change direction based on what you learn. But regardless of what you choose, don't worry yet too much other than about what thrills you most. The sports things Id say, do them actively while in school, there's plenty of time to do that too, in school & in life (I took both a jazz dance class and a canoeing class in college and had fun even though I wasn't so hot at either).

And I agree with Glass Mannequin: do what will make you happy. That's what you should think about right now. What thrills you most. And then go for it!

deko and posh said...

We just started reading your blog, so we are not sure but this is what has been suggested to us. Don't pick a major when you begin college, take the first two years to complete your general ed and take as many classes that interest you. We have been told it will all come to you after two years in. Hope this helps.

L8R...Deko and Posh

Romans 12:2 said...

Pray. - Bob

•¦Amy¦• said...

I think creative writing would be a great major for you. You have such a wonderful way with words. You could even minor in phsycology. You always have such insight, and you're always exploring why we think and believe what we do, and I think combining both Creative Writing and Phsyc would be neat.

But really, do what you think you should do...take our comments as...well just comments. Lol, it's your decision!


milai said...

Pursue that which you like.

Creative writing or anything that has to do with literature or journalism will be good for you, I believe.

Also, with your pensive and empathetic nature, I believe that you'll make a good psychologist. Or a therapist as I believe you are a healer of souls. Or a bringer of truth. Or a beacon of hope for meandering souls...

Wishing you the best. :)

By the way, sorry for not dropping by here often. I was out of town for two weeks and had limited Internet access.

Rafé said...

I know a few things about you, but I don't know what makes you happy, well I guess I may, but not to the extent in which I would give an uneducated guess.

Response to your comment:
it is pretty true

but I understand what you're saying and your perspective but...death is part of life. It's still categorized by me as raw, but lately I've been thinking about existance as life and death. Death is more included in our lives than we think, hence the term (what doesn't kill me makes me stronger)

What if a person in life had more death in existence than life?
Would existence really have been worth it then? When people commit suicide, do you think they would have rather lived than to not have lived?

It's all a matter of the balance of life and death in existence....

Noelle said...

Based on what I have learned of you in the past 30 seconds....With all of your abilities and creativeness, I think you would make a perfect teacher...of course only if you life children and are patient but like the other poster said, go undeclared and try out some different classes..your passion will find you, just as mine did. Good Luck.