An Insignificant Power

If love is friendship set afire, then song is poetry brought to life with a beating heart.

Today I had my first voice lesson this semester, and it went pretty well. It's been a while since I've taken voice lessons, but, starting it up again, I can feel song tugging at my heart once more. Music is sometimes so hard to explain, maybe because we don't usually just hear it. We feel it. We feel it vibrating within our body, and soaring through our mind. It's so powerful - beautifully powerful.

A lot of people have been asking me what I want to do with my life, but, to be honest, I'm not quite sure yet. I'm afraid of committing to just one thing, and then being stuck with it. Sometimes I wish we were given more than one life. I mean, I want to live when the Egyptians built their mighty pyramids - I wish I could see what it was like to live in a drafty medieval castle. I want to try one life as an actor - and maybe another as a lawyer. I want to live in different cultures - see what's it's like. But I can't, and that's something that makes life beautiful - it gives us one try. However, it's also a reason why books are so great: they can take us there, to different lives through others' eyes, with just words.

However, I've realized how poor our rich meaningful words really are. I almost hate saying that, because words are powerful. Don't get me wrong - words can take us back in time: let us see what the world was like, what it is like, what it can be. We can read about being in a deep green meadow with nearby trees towering to lend their shade. We can read about running to feel the gentle breeze batting at our hair & smelling the sunlit roses, or seeing the strong horses prancing by with their rippling muscles. We can read about dropping a pebble into the river, and watching it clash against the water with a bubbly thud. We can almost "see" these things. We can almost hear them . . . feel them . . . taste them. But somehow it's not the same as the real thing.

Words create images - but being there, really seeing it - only then can we know the absolute beauty and detail of something. Sometimes words are just copies of what's really there. I mean, we can read about a wedding - the smile on the bride's face, the emotion on the groom's. But really being there - it's something else. It can touch our hearts & somehow we'll never forget it. You can read about me describing music & songs, but it's nothing like feeling your favorite song surge throughout you. Words are so poor compared to the real thing.

And I know, the pen is mightier than the sword, right? I know the pen's strength and the ink's might. I'm thrilled with writing and I truly believe that stories, poems, and everything built with words can be unbelievable. I'm just pointing out that it's different experiencing something for ourselves, than learning it through others' eyes. Maybe the best way to make myself clear, is love. Trying reading about love - a father & mother's love, a sibling's, a friend's, a husband & wife's love - and then comparing it to the real thing.

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♥Katie♥ said...

I would have trouble finding out what I want to be too............ at least, I have to make that decision way long in the future. (I'm 13!!!!!)

Lol.. please start following my blog, be cause I am going to start following yours, certainly aa fresh breath of air when it comes to writing!


Glass Mannequin said...

Pretty. I love the way you talk about music as more than just what you hear. I feel the same way.

Sarah said...

I would love to look at some of your poems!!!

Red Eyes said...

Your writing is powerful and sometimes I wish we could have many lives. Wish you the very best with your lessons

Red Eyes said...

This is another excellent post

Red Eyes said...

This is another excellent post

Hanna said...

I agree with just about everything you said there. I know exactly what you mean about music, I too wish there was more then one chance at life and I belive that things are different if you experience them yourself instead of seeing it through the eyes of another.
But I must say, stories let us experience some things that we may never get the chance to experience. They tell us things from different prespectives. Many people are driven to do something after reading a story about it. Words let you be someone different, and for some people it's an escape from horrible things that are happening in their lives. But with that, we can't let stories take over reality. No matter how much we would like to, we can't. And it kinda sucks. :P
And to reply to your comment on my page, Twilight isn't really one of my favorite books, it's more the characters I like. And Robert Pattinson is my favorite actor.

Romans 12:2 said...

Nice post. I don't know what I'd like to become either. I just learn, then I let God lead. If He leads me to becoming a trash man, so be it. I'd rather become a trash man and lead someone to Christ, then ignore what He had in store for me. Here's a little something I read recently. Acknowledge, welcome, excel in, and model God's plan for your life. Thanks for encouraging me. It's nice to know that what I have a passion for is being read.

DaniBabyy said...

Thanks for the comment! Yes, 15-18 credits gets difficult at times. :(

I really enjoyed reading this post! You are a very powerful writer. Life is definitely amazing, and the fact that we only get one certainly makes things more complex. Words and stories are indeed a way of escaping reality but like you said, its not the same as actual being there or seeing the beauty of the world.

Excellent post! :)

--Emilyyy-- said...

Great post.
Thanks for the comment on mah blog.

Happy Blogging
<3 <3 <3 <3 <3

~Bronte said...

how is everything?!
i see u are doing great with your blog!
this is a good one :)

Rachel said...

It's so true what you say about the power and beauty of music...something we can't explain, yet it resonates and vibrates within our soul, down to the tips of our toes. This is the very reason I am a music major :)

This is the story of a girl said...

I love music and singing as well. Good luck. I think i'll be taking lessons soon.

When you said... I'm afraid of committing to just one thing, and then being stuck with it.

i agree... cause i still can't figure out what i wanna do and i'm afraid that once i pick 1 thing there will be nothing i'm stuck, but i'm sure it isn't the case.