Dare to Dare

I heard once from a writer that sometimes you can find more truth in a story, than when you read about a real life experience. Maybe that's because when we write about ourselves, and even talk about ourselves, we don't always say everything. I mean, we can write & talk about what happened, what people said & did - even about some thoughts going through our heads. But you have to be daring to lay out the deepest thoughts of your heart, where someone could see them. And I think it's mainly because we're sometimes afraid to let people know who we really are (& sometimes we might not know ourselves), and what we think. Revealing deep thoughts is a little like love - giving away your heart, and trusting the people who hold it, not to break it. Or maybe it's just me.

So anyways, I don't think anyone should be afraid of who they are - because who we are is beautiful, no matter what anyone thinks & says. And it doesn't matter if people judge, because no one is just like anyone else, because of the fact that no one has had the same trials, thoughts, or experiences as someone else. If we pretend to be someone we're not, how can we expect people to love us for who we truly are?

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--Emilyyy-- said...

Wow. I was really intrigued by that post. I love what you put at the end about how if we arn't ourselves, how can we be loved for who we are. I think that's 100% true and I'm glad you put that point in.

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--Emilyyy-- said...

Thanks for the sweet comment you left on my blog. It feels good to have someone post notes, it lets me know people actually read my blog. Thanks for caring and keep on posting.

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Glass Mannequin said...

I disagree on a couple of things. If you know someone is being dishonest, then that can tell you a whole lot more than if someone is being truthful.

But I do think that deception is a very powerful tool of destruction. No meaningful relationship can be built on lies.

Candor is such a novel concept.

Also. I really like the idea that certain ideas, when shared, demonstrate perfect trust in another individual or group. I think that it was very poetic (and ironic) that sharing poetry is like demonstrating love.

mariposa said...

Ok, well I do agree with you. In fact, there's hardly anything I dislike more than when someone lies to me, and knows that I think they're telling the truth. And I absolutely agree that no relationship can prosper if built on lies.

So when I said that sometimes you can find more truth in a story than when you read about a real life experience, I meant the saying more for writing, than for real life - or, in other words, I did not mean that there's more truth in telling a lie, than telling the truth itself.

I just meant that it's sometimes easier for a writer to write about what he or she feels in his or her story through a character's thoughts, rather than just writing openly about events that happened to the writers, themselves.

So I didn't mean to imply lying, I just meant that some people hold things back from others. If that makes sense? Thanks for commenting :)

Red Eyes said...

I dare say I'm one of your followers. Yes I am