Simple Beauty

Sometimes I get lost
Just so you will find me

And sometimes I run away
Just so you can catch me

And lift me off my feet again
Just because it’s so great

And then I’ll know
That you are mine
And I am yours

Don't have time to write much, so I posted a poem by me for you to read & critque. While it's the shortest poem I've written, it's just about my favorite. I guess because there's a lot that can be said with just a few lines, no? Also, I posted a picture that I snappped while traveling a couple months ago. Would love to hear your comments! Enjoy :)


Glass Mannequin said...

I like it. Simple but very eloquent. A few lines can often better express a mood or feeling than a novel. And a picture is worth a thousand words.

--Emilyyy-- said...

Both the poem and picture are beautiful. I agree that more can be said with a few lines than a paragraph. I think you should write more poems.

Happy Blogging
<3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Su-Su the OREO lover said...

I love it!
It is very cute and exactly a perfect poem for a couple or relationship. I only got crushes on a person. MmM...
I will miss him through out this hurricane thing. 4 days man!
Too Long! :[
Check my blog out!

Hanna said...

Thanks so much!! I will be sure to check out your blog, and story.

Kayleigh said...

I saw your comment on my blog, and it just about made my day. I'm always waiting for someone to comment on my blog, so when I saw yours, I was excited. :) I really like this picture and the simplicity of the poem. Very beautiful.

Cher ♥ said...

Hi Mariposa.

You are right. The shortest poems can be some of the most powerful. You helped inspire me to get back into poetry writing again... the corporate world can be a dangerous place for creativity. I also love your picture, where was it taken?

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

- Cher ♥

Elizabeth G. said...


I don't know how you found me, but I'm glad I came for a visit. I love your poem AND the picture!

My daughter writes poetry, too. Her blog is:

Take care,

J. M. Hochstetler said...

This poem gives me goosebumps. And when that happens I know the Holy Spirit is moving. Love how you say it all in just a few words. :-)

Lane923 said...

I like...when you can describe and portray something like that with just a few words, it's special. And there's nothing greater than simple beauty. it definitely is everywhere we look if we just stop and take notice. a sunset, a snowfall by the fire, the sun peaking through rain clouds, lightning spreading across the night sky, waves crashing onto the beach...beauty that cries out a display of power, a display of intimacy, a display of serenity. it's what makes writing so great, to portray beauty in the writing! Good post!!

The Redheaded Bandit said...

the pic is SO fabulous! as is the poem! fabulousa post

Romans 12:2 said...

I like how you took what most would consider a terrible experience(getting lost and running away) and take a look at it from another perspective. Who would have thought? Great Poem. I'm homeschooled too.

~Silver said...

:) pretty, the both of them.

Red Eyes said...

The pic, where was that? If only you knew how beautiful the poem is. Amazing

Shayleia said...

If you hadn't posted on my blog, I never would have found yours and your lovely poem and the simplicity and beauty of the photograph. May your future take your further upon the world than just within the pages of a book.


Vivian said...

Simply wonderful! The first two stanzas grab the reader's attention and take them on a magical journey of your day dream. I love how you used opposites...lost/find run away/catch me. If this would be mine, I would rethink: Just because it's so great" Not that it's bad, just a tad bit bland compared to the rest of this touching poem. I truly mean that as help. Would love to read more of your poetry...feel free to stop by my blog and read and comment on my poetry...I am new in the blog world : )

Oh!....nice picture of the beach! Love the angle.

mariposa said...

Hey! I'm so glad you like the poem - thanks for the comments! A couple people asked, so I just wanted to say the picture was taken in Australia.

Jill said...

I love the poem. It's simple, yet speaks multitudes. You're very talented.

Simply Jolene said...

I love it!!!!!!

Jet 2 said...

well done!