The Windmill

Okay, so today I have a poem for you to read & critque down below. I love poems, because they can illustrate strong feelings with just a few words. They can totally distract our thoughts & minds if we let them - even if for just a second. There can also be that maze of puzzles and emotions hidden between the lines, that we'd never know about if the authors didn't tell us.

This poem I've written is about a person who wants to hate, who battles with hate, but he instead he loves. He choses to love, despite any consequences. Let me know what you think of my poetry skills, if you'd like!

The Windmill

I feel to kill
But it’s holding me back
That slow beating of the windmill
It makes me feel like an empty sack
It’s playing its part
This human heart

I want to scream
I want to yell
I’d rather have another dream
I beg and plead
But it’s a curse
That will take me ever near the hearse
It’s what it is - a tasteless tart
Oh, take the burden
Of this human heart

I can’t explain it
I want to hit
Yet something stays my hand
Oh, isn’t it so grand?
But yet please spare me the art
Of this dreadful human heart

There’s a cause to all my crying
There’s nothing left more to give
It’s the reason that I’m dying
Yet the source that lets me live
It’s an unfailing chart
This sorry human heart

Is it a fate?
Or destiny to doom?
Some might say fortune
It’ll take me away soon
In a uncovered cart
For it’s not to hide
This persistent human heart

It’s why I’m alive
It’s why I’m dead
A bees’ hive
In my head

I yearn to hate
But instead I love
It’s tearing me apart
This fatal human heart


Glass Mannequin said...

I'm not quite sure that I understand. Care to explain?

mariposa said...

Sure, there's a couple ways to describe it. You know it's about a person who wants to hate, but instead he loves. So you could say that it's about someone who's been hurt deeply by someone they love (whether family, friend, or lover). And when that happens, the person in the poem wants to give up on love, because it hurts so much for him to love someone who seems to hate his existance.

But, the person then finds that he can't, or he won't, stop loving altogether. And so, as no human being could live without a heart - it's why he's alive. But at the same time he also realizes that the heart is the reason that he will die.

Hope that helps!

--Emilyyy-- said...

Wow. That's pretty much all I can say. This is amazing. I think you should write some more.

Happy Blogging
<3 <3 <3 <3 <3

~Bronte said...

aw this ones like wow