Porcelain Wings

Ah! sometimes I feel
like a mariposa
Yes, a butterfly
Made: porcelain china

My beauty lures
They touch my wings
They know not better
For hurt - it stings

Yes! I should be a mariposa
Flutter up
Now down
No straight path
Yet painted like a clown

Ha! I could be a mariposa
In a cocoon
Finding who I am
Weaved in a loom

Ah! I am a mariposa
For though confronted
With many things
Once a time misled
I still have my wings

Free to fly
Up in the sky
Yes, a butterfly

{please comment :) }


ashlea014 said...

That's beautiful.

Glass Mannequin said...

Stunning. I love it. The message, that bad things can happen but you still can choose to move on.



Elizabeth G. said...

Very touching poem! Where did you get that beautiful picture? Did you take it yourself? I'm sad to know that soon the lovely butterflies will be gone for the year.

You're quite the poet!

mariposa said...

Yes, I did take the picture myself - I'm glad you like it :)

Amy said...

wow. I love the poem. It's great, very pretty.

And that picture is amazing =D
you're quite the photographer.

Glen said...

I wouldn't say I do any composing... I play drums and guitar, and occasionally I write a little song, that basically no one ever hears, and I write a lot of heartfelt lyrics, which also most people don't hear, because they're so personal. I actually write a lot of lyrics. It's like if someone we're to have a diary, or journal. When something is bothering me, or maybe I'm thinking of this one person a lot, I'll write about it. It's mostly when I'm thinking of a particular person, but I also write about a lot of the convictions that I've had. Every once in a while I'll post them on my blog. And BTW, looks like you can write quite nicely also! Your's is much more professional looking than mine. My stuff is like, just ideas and emotions all mashed together lol. Your's is nice and clean. Very good stuff.

Red Eyes said...

Yes, "free to fly
up in the sky"
bursting on brilliant wings, some say love is like a butterfly,
like a mystery,
mariposa has long intrigued me!

They Just Call Her Helen said...

I've always loved butterflies and your poem is absolutely beautiful.

Kyle Hendricks said...

That was an amazing poem!

Romans 12:2 said...

That's good. You should try getting published sometime. People pay for that kind of writing. Keep it up and thanks for leaving comments on my blog. You always seem to be the first to comment. It shows that you care. By the way, all your friends are visiting my blog also, so now I have quiet a few followers. Thanks. - Bob

twistingby said...

thanks! i like this poem too, all of your blogs are good to read!

Rachel said...

Wow that is a great poem! I love the part about the cocoon!

MLK said...

Lovely picture here from you. :) (And words).

Kileigh said...


I love poetry myself :)
And this was remarkable.

Thank you for commenting on my Photography blog! I appreciate it much :)


~Bronte said...

awwww this ones good!
oh and thanks!!

~Bronte said...

do u write in any certain place?

JC said...

nice, nice, this is good stuff. I like it.

Vivian said...

Your Porcelain Wings poem is soft and soothing to read. This one is a "must read" at a poetry reading. I can hear your voice reading with the stanzas starting with Ah,and Yes! and Ha! I love that....gives your words a voice here. Your rhyme and metaphor are good. Mariposa....now I know the birth of your name here.....lovely!