Breakable Wall

Sometimes it's so frustrating when people who are considered higher, more learned, or more experienced than ourselves, give opinions that we don't really agree with. Like today - some of my friends and I heard about a person who did a some pretty offensive things. So we decided to bring it up with an older experienced adult for his suggestions. But his advice was that he was glad we were stirred up about it - happy that we wanted to do something about it - yet he said that things like that happen, and sometimes we just have to accept them.

But I disagreed. I wanted to say that there wouldn't be a fire of opposition in us, if we couldn't do something about it. I wanted to say that we don't just watch the world burn - we're in the world. I wanted to speak up but, he was the type that wouldn't care about my opinion - I'm not the expert like him, how would I know better? In fact, a challenge might be looked down upon, even by my friends.

It's like there's this level - this wall - of power in the world. There's the child, there's the adult. This is the worker, that is the boss. Here's the experienced person, and here's the new man. There's the president, and look, here's a citizen.

But sometimes a child can see things the adult overlooks. Sometimes the worker knows what's going on better than the boss, and would tell the boss if given the chance. Sometimes the new man knows a better way, sometimes a president forgets he needs the vote.

So when we're the adult, the boss, when we're the experienced person, or the president, we have to remember what - or who - makes us great. We have to remember who we were before we were great - remember to be open-minded. Because are there really adults if there are not children? Bosses if there are no workers? Presidents if there are no citizens?

And what makes a great leader so great is that he or she recognizes that fact - sees through that wall of power. Knows that no matter where people are in "rank", we're all created equal - that we're all human. That even a child can teach a significant lesson. That there might be a wall, but it's on the same land.

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Alyssa. said...

It makes you think.
Sort of like what came first, the chicken or the egg?
I totally agree. Without the 'little' people, there would be no 'big' people. Like with celebrities. Would there be any if they had no supporters (otherwise known as little people).
Amazing again Mariposa.
Always the inspiration.

Romans 12:2 said...

Good post. You nailed it.

Amy said...


People like that, whether older or younger get to me. Because they supposedly "support" your opinion, yet say there's nothing you can do, when you know that in fact, there is something you can do.
We can all go out there and make our difference, we just have to do it!

Wonderful post, as always.


Benji (Rafe) Pacheco said...

Sounds good. It ties into the whole Philosopher King idea I've been brooding about

♥Katie♥ said...

Its kinda the same thing when people say - don't worry you have so many more years to be better - you are only thirteen!

WHAT! I am 13? I have spent 13 years of my life already!! I'm not even world champion yet.. where has the time gone!


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Nicole. said...

I really liked this post. I have thought about this before, and its kind of sad. That we over look the small things. Because several small things make up the big situation.

Like to your comparison to humans. Workers to boss, president to citizens.

If we only think of the 'big idea' how will we get anything done? The 'big idea' consists of small steps, and small inspirations.

I would say more, but alas. My ramble has ended. I hate that.

Good luck blogging.


griffinrider said...

this reminds me of a popular saying in my culture: "You can't be a king without a kingdom." people only have as much power as you let them have. if everyone decided not to listen to their leader, he won't be the leader anymore. the leaders should keep this in mind. it is the common citizens who determine who's president. it's the workers who make the boss in charge. it's the kids who give the adults authority.

Kyle Hendricks said...

I'll look out for that if I'm ever the boss of anyone. And sometimes I think of printing what you say out and framing it or something.

Would there be any Light without the Dark? If we didn't know of food, would we hunger? But because we know of food, can we try it and still not hunger? Is there sound when a tree falls?


Jaerixon said...

As nice and simple as this sounds, I find it a bit cliché. True, some people of more age, or experience, or level may overlook or underestimate those beneath them, but if these oppressed individuals are so extraordinary, why isn't this evident to the person of more experience? Not just anyone can become president, that role in society is earned through hard work and intelligence. People who become the "boss" often times are appointed to that position because they are best suited for the job. Adults have stood the test of time. We learn from the consequences of our mistakes. Adults have experienced more and though they may not necessarily have education, they have wisdom. Granted this doesn't apply to everyone. Most people adjust and fix the issues in life, but there are those who don't. People like that often times aren't respected anyways. You may be smarter than the person above you, but if you do not know how to use it, you are useless. If you want power, if you want respect, you must earn it. Everyone says "stand up for your beliefs" but if your beliefs are wrong, you look like a fool. We must become adamant in our thoughts and opinions, so when the times comes that those ideas are contradicted and challenged, the battle is easily won. There are two reasons why people who may have better ideas are beaten by people who don’t: they are fearful and unconfident about their ideas, or they are unsure and unprepared when their ideas are compromised. This is why most people get walked all over by their teachers or their parents when we know they are wrong. Your paragraph says that others are to blame, but in reality we have only ourselves to blame. We let them win. Most don’t want to admit that, but until you do, you will never be able to truly unlock your full potential.

mariposa said...

Hey, Jaerixon. You made some really good points - thanks a lot for sharing & pointing them out. However, there are a couple things I do not agree with.

First of all, the reason why people who are extraordinary, yet overlooked by people of more experience, is because people of experience can be sometimes be more set in their ways - or more reluctant to change. Also, it can be human nature to want to be acknowledged as the best, and not, in humility, to admit that someone else is more brilliant than themselves.

Becoming a president is earned through hard work and intelligence, but in what way? It's common knowledge that money is a huge factor in becoming president - it isn't just who someone is. And power - they have that too, but sometimes they don't recieve it in the best of ways. But, yes, I agree that a boss may easily be picked because he is the best, the problem lies in how that power can change a person.

Again, you're right about adults. However, I wasn't pointing out that adults don't have wisdom, I was pointing out that they need to be open to children's lessons.

And it's good to stand up for beliefs even if they are wrong (they can change) because, like they say, stand for something, or you'll fall for anything. We need to have meaning in life. And really, what makes a belief right or wrong? Your beliefs are right to you, but they might be wrong to somone else, or vice versa.

And I know we let them win, that's what my whole post is basically about. However, the blame is not just on us. It begins with us, but some things are out of our power to control. I mean, voting for a president - just because one president wins, doesn't mean you let him (you could have gone for the other candidate). It's really that we have to realize our power that we can see the full potential. Thanks.

Jaerixon said...

Oh good you replied, I enjoy arguing because it forces it to weigh our thoughts and decisions, so I learn and adjust anyhow...

There are certain points you made that I agree with and some that I do not. I would definitely say that power corrupts people. Power makes people ignorant, as they start to forget about consequences.
Secondly, you said that people who are more experienced are more set in their ways. This I agree with. As a result of a life time of consequences, people who are more experienced start to close their mind. Prior events start to decide for them what’s right and what’s wrong, what works and what doesn't. Those of us who are young have yet to have this happen to us so we think on a much grander scale.

Now for the things I disagree with..

First off, yes I know that money is a big factor in the presidential election, but if I knew that my ideas could fix this country and that the only way for me to go there was to get more money, then that’s what I would do. Regardless of whether people think they are idiots or not, each and every president has rightfully earned his title. Secondly, and probably my most strongly felt opinion, is about your idea on the equality of beliefs. You say everyone should stand up for their beliefs right or wrong because it is better to stand up for something wrong than not at all. You also say that beliefs can never be said to be right or wrong. I strongly disagree with that. Every belief, idea, thought, action, is right or wrong. This is not the best example I know, but slavery during the civil war was split right down the middle as to whether it was right or wrong. Today, we clearly understand the evils of slavery. Your belief is right or it is wrong, that's how it is. This idea not only prevents progressive thinking, but prohibits effective communication between people of different ideas. People do not consider the fact that they may be wrong. Before anyone makes any action or speaks any words, they should heavily consider whether it is right or wrong. Lastly, you said that there are just some things that are "out of our control". This is an extremely demeaning ideal to society, as if you want to do something bad enough you can do it. I have heard this idea criticized many times, as many people say that no matter what they do; there is no possibility on earth that they could ever become a professional football player. For the most part this is true. Many of us, regardless of how hard we work our physical body, will never be able to meet the requirements to be a professional athlete. However if you wanted to, if you really wanted to, you could use your mind to achieve your goal. You could sell all of your possessions, combine it with your retirement fund, and go to a fancy college, learn about genetics, and dedicate your life into developing something that would turn you into a super strong human capable of making it in the NFL. But most people will say, that’s ridiculous, no one is going to spend their life savings and sell all their possessions and forfeit all the prior plans in hopes of such a crazy goal. Many people do not follow their dreams for that very reason. The financial burdens would just be too much to bear. Nevertheless, they still have the opportunity, they still have the potential to fulfill their dreams, and yet they blame the situation for being too difficult? There is nothing that can prevent an intelligent human being from fulfilling whatever dream they desire. If someone wants to quit there dead end job to be a tuba player, if someone wants to be president of the united states, if someone wants to walk on water, if someone wants to change the world, there is nothing that can stop them. When people suffer because they do not like their lives and they are unsatisfied with their reality, they have the choice to fix it.

beccabrownxo said...

lol it does make you think about right and wrong. qm

Krosemarie said...

Very good point!! I agree with you!!! I feel the same way! I really like this post, it was very well written!!

btw, thanks for your comment on my poetry blog, it is very appriciated!!! stay updated!!


milai said...

I agree with you but not totally. ;)

The moment the trying-so-hard-to-be-a-good-daughter became a rebel with a (good) cause, I thought I'd share to my mom what I had been feeling all along. I told her that I may just be "child" to her but I do have my view of things and in some points, I MAY be right. Age is not always a guarantee of wisdom. Being older does not mean that she will always be right... Mom understood.

As I grew up, I learned that some things are just the way they are. I used to be very idealistic of things and people (I still am idealistic but not THAT idealistic anymore). I thought I am supposed to bring change into this world, to set it on fire. And then I realized that no matter how we yearn for change or order or perfection in how things go, even if we do our best, things will still not change and the best thing to do is accept them lest I go crazy.

I want to share something from my blog.

"I guess when one gets older, she gets somewhat jaded, the youthful idealism diminishes, and so does the futile search for perfection and complete order and control, and the once entirely rosy-colored world becomes a more bearable reality."

The link to that post is here:

Beaut!fully Br()ken said...

Thanks for your comment..your posts are very different..u know! I like them!

jEeRo said...

yUp what u wrote there is true..many tenda let power get into their big(or small head should i say?)..what i find most irraiting of all is how parents wanna take FULL control of their child's life..am i off the topic here?..haha..it juz seems parents thinkin they have some kinda power over their child is rather similar to what u wrote here...

Lectora said...

I have a professor who's exactly the same. He just wants to lecture, not debate over whether something is correct. It's very frustrating when you're actively trying to understand something. I think a lot of teachers believe in their superiority- which can be true, but they're not infallible.

Glass Mannequin said...

Hahaha. Wow. Beautiful butterfly, look at all the trouble you've caused.

I'm at my friends house on his computer.


Red Eyes said...

Hi Mariposa, your view is absolutely full of wisdom and not only must this be so, it is so whether we admit it or not.

Red Eyes said...

You strike me as a leader since I can remember plato was recorded as saying something around the lines of "The only character capable of ruling a just society must be one with a passion for truth, and who has achieved the greatest wisdom or knowledge of the Good"

I admire your knowledge and reasoning

Lauren said...

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