What's the Truth?

Would you die for your friends?

Of course you would, what kind of question is that? Our friends are the reason we survive sometimes. They're the people who are constantly there for us, the people with the offered shoulder to cry on, the people we share secret laughs with. Who would not die for their friends?

Valor; it’s beautiful. It’s how people can die for their friends. It’s how that daring prince kills the dragon for his princess, or how David hits the giant, Goliath, with a tiny stone. It’s how Edward defends Bella, or how Frodo strives to destroy the ring. We watch them, and we know those tales are right – that’s how it’s just supposed to be.

So we admit we would die for our friends, that we would stand up against injustice. Some might go further and state they wouldn’t have an abortion no matter the circumstance, or others might pronounce that they would offer up the world for that special person. They are so magnificent, our words & intentions.

But stop. What if they are just words and intentions?

No, I mean really. Would you die for your friends? Really? Would you? There’s a blazing fire in a building of apartments – a building where a couple of your best friends live. You might have to put up a good struggle with the soot-faced firemen to even get close to the smoke-choked heat. Once you plunge in, if you plunge in, you’ll be gasping to drink just a drop of air, but still you know there might be enough time rescue one friend, and then go back in for another.

Or maybe your friend decided to be a show-off and jump off the boat for a swim. You see a sharp fin creeping along, your friend spies it too, and he dashes back towards the boat. Except he begins to panic along the way – he starts wildly spiraling down. There might be enough time to dive in and bring him aboard, or at least hand him to the sailors before being carelessly torn into a mangled mess.

Would you?

Would you really hand over your life? If you saw a gang murder, would you tell, even if they might come back to haunt and kill you as well? If you became pregnant by someone you didn’t know, would you be strong enough to keep the baby? Would you give world to one person, if you could? Would you?

If we thought about our words, not as stories that will never happen, but as future facts, would we stay true? Do we know what we say when we say it? Because the truth is, we think we know what we'd do if we were ever in a bad situation, but how can we predict exactly what we’ll do? Imagining something happen and then actually have it happen are two different things.

But then, if I dig deeper, I know that if our friend’s really in immediate danger, we probably aren’t going to waste enough time to think about it, we’d probably be stupid enough to just rush in and save our friend. That’s what love does – it makes us forget about ourselves.

And all this time, I thought I was writing about valor . . .

{Hey! Sorry I haven't commented on your blogs much - some unexpected stuff has come up (which I'll probably post about later). Anyways, please feel free to comment - I love to hear your thoughts :) }


•¦Amy¦• said...

Great post!

Many a time I've sat down and thought about if people are really, honestly willing to die for the other prople in their lives.

You think about the people you love, and instantly say "of course I'd die for _____!", but really would you?

Personally, I think it's when you've thought it through completely, whether or not you'd die for a loved one, that you realize how much you love them...that you know that you'd walk through that burning building or jump in front of a car, or into a ocean full of sharks. You know for sure then that you love the person with all your heart...that you'd give your own life so that they'd have even a second longer on this earth.

But, yes, we are willing to die for the people we love.
I know I'd jump into a burning building for my Brother any day.

Lovely post, as always.

-Amy <3

jEeRo said...

i would love to think or pretend yes its true friends would be there when i need them to..but in reality..my reality that is..it isnt that way..yes people can say alot throw words out just like that..at the end these words just are empty words..yes i do wonder am i expecting too much from people from life from myself?...

but to answer your question-there is one person i would die for..give my life up..only one person...

hope things will turn out ok for u there..

Okie said...

That's a great question. Interestingly it's one I honestly had thought of last night on my way home. Flipping radio stations, I caught a verse of a song about a boy willing to sacrifice his life for the girl he loved.

As a husband and father, I have willingly put myself in the way of danger to protect my wife and kids. Nothing that's been absolutely life threatening, but I've taken some scrapes.

When the rubber hits the road, it's a hard thing to know exactly how you'll react. Depending on the situation, you're stuck between the fear of your own personal safety as compared with your love and compassion for someone else and your fear for their safety.

If I think about it, I'll gladly jump in and try to help/save someone in any way I can. In a spur of the moment situation, it's harder to predict, but I hope I would try to save a friend just out of instinct.

In the less "physical" situations, I am guilty of not jumping in as often as I should. Growing up, my family always "teased" each other ruthlessly...we're actually pretty rude. Sadly, this has made me less sensitive to rude comments such that there have been times when I should have defended my wife or kids from mean barbs but I didn't think anything of them. This is something I'm working on.

I think each of us has a sort of "selfless" notion to help other people. It's a matter of how well we nourish that nature within ourselves and how much we value other people.

It's a great thing to think about. I don't know how you train yourself to be valourous since it's not something you can really train for (the spur of the moment anyway...you can do proactive training with first aid, etc.).

I'm an optimist who believes people are generally good and if they have an opportunity to help someone, they usually will. I hope I'm right...especially when the time comes that I need help.

Kia said...

This reminds me of an email someone sent me. In short, it was about a man who died in a motorcycle accident and this person watched the whole thing happed. She was the first on the scene and she stood by as the man took his last breath. At that moment, it occurred to her, what would i say if i knew my time on earth was limited? This question seems to difficult to answer. I always resort to thinking that it is to hard to know until it is actually happening. I think then, it would become very clear.

Alayna Whisper said...

I like this alot. We often get inspired by heroic acts and swear to be the hero when the situation presents itself, but human nature is to fail. You really have to be a self-less person to die for your friends, and even those who are not friends. Keep up the good work!

One Small Voice said...

Great post, as always. :]
I've thought about this a lot, and I WOULD die for the people closest to me (and 4 of my pets -- I'm an animal lover). I'd like to think that I'd die for anyone, a complete stranger, and demonstrate God's love for them in that way. The truth is, we can never know for sure. The one thing we CAN do now is to love them more than we love ourselves.

Posh said...

Wow!!! Great thoughts! I love how deep you go and you really have me thinking about friendship and more. I have to continue thinking.


milai said...

Another great post. :)

True friendship is best defined when one is willing to lay down his life for a friend. Or a loved one. As you wrote, "That’s what love does – it makes us forget about ourselves."

Selfless love is not necessarily about dying for a friend. Or risking one's limbs and his very life. Sometimes, it is as simple as forgetting our concerns to be with a friend. Like not going to a coveted movie premier with a hot date to be with a friend who has lost a loved one. Or not buying that iPhone that you have been saving for for the past months but giving the money instead to a friend who cannot pay her college fees...

I'm blessed to have such friends and I am hoping that in my own ways, I have shown them the same kind of love that they have been giving me.

Sorry for not visiting your blog in a while. I went home in my province for the holidays and just got back in Manila.

James said...

The thing I like about your blog, is that it is so thought provoking for others. The problem with me is that I have already decided on most of the things u talk about about, but that does not mean I can not voice my opinion. For me, I would give my life to my best friends. I would. In the fire, I would run, even if it was hopeless for me to save them, and let my body be burned to a crisp, and save them. If someone was to try to shoot my friends, I would intercept the bullet. I would not even think about it. Then again, this is coming from a person who wants to die, but I want them to live. They can do so much more for me. I would take the bullet, the fire anything I can do to help them. Because, they are my best friends. I would sacrifice myself, for them. Whenever they needed me. I love them. I do not care what happens to me, as long as they are ok.

Rafé said...

people are defined by their reality

I guess it all just depends on what that is

Savy said...

Amazing post.

Would I? Yes. I would run blindly into that burning building and think of every possible way to get them out of that building safe. Sometimes I think "Would I really?" but I would. Because in the desperate and fatal situation of a loved one's life- of ANYONE'S life- being in danger, it's your true instincts that shine through.

People don't change in sudden dire situations. They show their true colors. And I may not always be the prettiest color in the rainbow, but I know I'd be any color in the world to save my friends and family.

.Blue in Green said...

I think friendship could be the greatest thing when/if you genuinely find it

Jill said...

That's a really great question. I imagine most people would be willing to go through great lengths if their friends needed them too.

Great blog. Keep up the good work :)

Cursed♪♫ said...

I love your post. It is very true. I thought about it. And you know, there are i few people. i can put my life in danger in order to save theirs. I love your post a lot !!!! It's great !

Flüssiger Spiegel said...

Reality...words. two very different things. people may say something, but that does not mean anything really. actions speak louder than words.

would you die saving a friend. "of course" however, the only way to know for sure...is to experience such a life threatening moment

Courtney said...

this post really got me thinking! brilliant post.

Romans 12:2 said...

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Happy Brand New Year - Bob