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There’s no question about it, SAT essays are hard – in 25 minutes you have to think and argue your point completely. I had a practice SAT essay a couple days ago, and the prompt was, “What motivates people to change?” What makes a poor city boy dream of becoming president? What stirs someone to walk through a past of hate, and become someone who has a heart of gold? What inspires someone, who's dreams have been broken, to keep dreaming? What rouses us from within to become the best we can, no matter the disappointments?

It's in seeing how we live, and deciding that we can live better. No one can ever make us change - they can beg us to change, pay us to change – but in the end, it’s our decision. It’s our decision to look at our life, and decide it’s not good enough for us. It’s our decision to rise past what people have said and done to us, and strive for perfection.

And change, it’s often hard & cruel, but it’s worth it. It’s a choice to be or not to be: do you want to be a fighter? Or someone who just watches?

And to change, we have to know what we want. So what do you want? No – really – if you could do anything you wanted, what would it be? Because you can do it. If you’re that person who wants to be president, you can. If you want to walk past hate, you can. If you want to follow a dream, you can. It might not work out the way you think, people might say it’s impossible, but you can try & give it your all. Because really, that’s how a president becomes a president, or how a person follows a dream, that’s how someone can walk past hate, and go for love.

However, I believe the main reason of change is death. Because if you think about it, death is what cuts our life short, and the reality makes us want to have purpose – there needs to be a reason why we’re living, why our life’s worth living. Because what will be left when you’ve left? What do you want to be left? A picture? Or a book? A memory? Perhaps a legend?

Do something great – all you have to do is want to.


Anonymous said...

Mari-p, I agree: you must know what you want in order to go after it. And the only person who you can change is yourself. You can change the world through your actions, and you can a difference in other peoples' lives, but there's no use helping people who don't want to be helped and trying to change people who refuse to do things differently. Good luck with the SAT! I'm sure from your writing here that you'll ace the essay...

Kia said...

I have always believed that you should go after what you ant no matter how impossible it may seem. If you know you have given it your best shot, you will have no regrets. It is also true that know can make you do anything. Everything that happens in your life is a result of your choices. May people do not like to take responsibility for their actions, but accountability make people reconsider. All it take is that second thought. Good luck on the SAT!

•¦Amy¦• said...

ooh. twenty-five minutes. i've always had a knack for essays but having that little time makes it hard.

rest assured that the GED essay portion will be forty-five minutes :]

also, I left you somethin' special on my blog. <3

simpleman said...

Amazing opinion. I have never tried to put that spin on change before. Thats so intelligent and insightful. I could not agree with you any more.

milai said...

Another great post! :)

A sense of purpose ignites the fire for change. But this purpose should be that which will not consume a person - for a lot of people have yearned for change, with some employing despicable means.

To change or not to change? Ultimately, it is a person's call, as you have said. Speaking for myself, I have changed because I wanted to. But I could also not discount the fact that I changed because I had inspirations - loved ones who have always believed in me... teachers and mentors who have helped me achieve my dreams... detractors who made me strive to prove them wrong...

Life is a choice. And it is the person who wields its power - will you let your limitations get the better of you? Or will you rise above them? Are you happy just being who you are now, having what you have? Or do you want more, be more?

From your posts, I know you have the highest of hopes. The best of intentions. And I wish you will achieve them for you have what it takes - the fire to ignite this world.

Good luck on your SAT. :)

Glass Mannequin said...

What is a person? Is it a combination of genes? A soul and a body together? What makes each person special and unique?


I am who I am because of the choices I've made and the consequences of those choices open or close the doors of opportunity in my life accordingly.

I am who I am. Chivalrous, strong, fast, loving, caring, kind, honest.

I am these things because I've shaped my life in a manner that allows me to be these things.

I love you butterfly.

twistingby said...

i bet you did awesome on that essay lol

Okie said...

Not sure if this post is your response to that practice essay prompt or not...but it's a great post and would be a great essay response.

I never thought of "death" as the motive for change, but I think you make a great argument. People's goals and dreams are usually set upon things that can bring them worldly happiness or things that will leave some sort of legacy for people to talk about later.

I like to think of people as being more selfless than that...making changes just for the general good of themselves and the world around them...but I know too many selfish people and I know that we are all selfish by human nature..it's one of those things we have to overcome.

Still, I think with "death" as the motivator, you can still have a selfless attitude towards change provided the legacy you want to leave is posed with the right mentality. After all, who wants to be remembered as the heartless jerk who clawed his way through life? It's much better to be remembered as the person who was a friend to everyone and had a kind word, a smile, or a helping hand for everyone.

Kyle Hendricks said...

Change is the only constant in life. The choices you make today will effect thousands of people, and you may never know it.

And you're making me nervous for the day when I have to face MY SAT.

jEeRo said...

its not easy to change and many do give up the fight half-way through..and you are the only one who can change yourself whether you are doing it for others or for yourself..

im trying very hard to change myself for the better too..and its a up hill challenge i have to say..and the thing about not getting support understanding from family and friends i know too well how it feels..so just remember you are not alone in this ok?..

all the best in your SAT!
im sure you'd do just fine so
Go Get Them Gal!!!!!!

Kendra Logan said...

Wow :)

Savy said...

Thanks. I needed that post <3

Falling Wings of Glass said...

Is the end result of a good life being a legend? I wonder if our motivation should be immortality. For, really, as much as humans may laugh about the 'fountain of youth' we've never stopped searching. And we never will. All belief, all accomplishments, no matter how much someone may deny it, is to become known. If we are known, we will be remembered. If we are remembered, then we achieve immortality as much as it is possible.
But should that be the goal?

I think not. Because, sometimes, the greatest hero is the one that no one ever knows. We all know and can list of the great political heroes, or the great humanitarians, but do we know the true heroes? I don't think we know most of them. Because to die and not be remembered is possibly the greatest feat of all - with one catch, though. To die and not be remembered, yet to have left your mark on the world. To both conform to and shape your destiny, with all honor, and to touch countless thousands, and yet never have your name spoken after you have left the earth. And to not care. That is a hero.