Look Both Ways before Crossing

My mom and dad love to talk about the troubles of the world. So, when I was little, I used to pray for a boy who I believed was around my age. A someone who would grow up to change the world and fix all its problems. It sounds kind of silly now, but I was praying for a great man to come along – I mean, it’s happened before.

And sometimes I'll think, “Oh, I’ll marry that man who’s going to amazing and do so many things.” I’ll say, “I should try to make friends in high places so I can get somewhere someday.” Or maybe, “I’ll inspire my friends to do this, and change the world’s view.”

But no – that’s wrong. Don’t you see? We can’t always wait for someone else to get us somewhere else. We can’t wait for someone else to fight our fight. Because they won’t. Because we can’t control someone else – we can’t make them do something we want. We can only control ourselves, only we can do exactly what we want.

And do we really want people to change things, instead of ourselves? Do we want to watch the soccer game out from the stands, or do we want to be out there in the middle of it – going for the ball – getting in the goal? Do we want to watch the skaters glide, and wait while our legs are itching to do the same thing? Do we really want to tiptoe, when we can run?

Because we can be the players shooting the ball, or the skaters slipping across the ice. We can be the runners flying through the race. We can be the person who’s amazing to marry, or the friend who’s in the high place. We can be the ones. We don’t have to be afraid; we can be the ones who people are afraid of - afraid of us changing the world.

Don’t you see? All along that someone else we’re hoping & praying for –

it’s you & me.


Benji (Rafe) Pacheco said...

if you want something done right, do it yourself...

to conquer your adversaries you must first conquer yourself...

You gotta action if you want something done. Conquer your weaknesses and don't rely on anyone but yourself to get you where you need to be

Beaut!fully Br()ken said...

Love your post !
It's awesome !! but ya, about that boy whom you used to pray for, it's a bit funny. Don't mind :)
Amazing post and you're an amazing writer !!!!!!!! Btw, what's your age?

Sarah said...

You know, when you first look at it, it looks like a simple journal entry, but when you read it word for word, it actually sounds kinda beautiful? praying for people you don't know isn't silly, it's a nice thing to do, so whatever :D

Story of a Girl said...

you are right... we must be the change !

•¦Amy¦• said...

Wonderful post.

That's very true. I think everyone at somepoint in their life wishes for that kind of someone. Someone who will save the world, who will be the perfect husband/wife, a model citizen who can end suffering, not just our own but the worlds. And while it's never a bad thing to dream about something, we do have to realize that while it's possible that that someone could come along, it's very likely they won't, and that if we want to make the world better we shouldn't be wishing for it, we should be trying to help ourselves.

We should make the best of oursleves, learn all we can, so that we can help those in need.

You hit it spot on.

Your posts are always an inspiration. I love them.

-Amy <3

jEeRo said...

liFe isnt fairy-tale..i suppose deep inside us we all wish some-one would hold out his/her to help us..lend a hand when we fall..a shoulder to cry on or a hug when we r down..but in this fast-food life we live in..it seems every-one juz care for him/her-self..
perphas its cuz i havent encounter that many gd-hearted people(like yourself)..i duno..

its truly a post that make us think..thkx for your lovely comment..=]

Okie said...

A nice insightful and thoughtful post.

My initial reaction (near the beginning of the reading) was to tell you NOT to stop praying for someone great to come along and help you out. As you presented your ideas, I admire and agree with your point of view. We shouldn't be constantly looking for somebody else to do the things we want to see done. We need to do all that we can ourselves.

What I would add/comment is in your third paragraph where you say "that's wrong." I wouldn't say it's entirely wrong to pray and hope for somebody else that can do great things.

What's wrong is to put all your eggs in one basket...to lay all your hopes and dreams for the future on the success of some unknown person that you don't even know will come.

As you say, you should always strive to do all you can yourself...if you see something that needs to be changed...do all you can yourself. True, there are things outside of your circle of influence, but there are so many things you can do yourself. If you spend all your energy hoping without doing, you'll likely be disappointed. There's a quote from The Music Man something to the effect of "Pile up enough tomorrows and you'll find all you've collected are a bunch of empty yesterdays."

I don't think it's wrong to hope for somebody to do the things you want to see done. If those prayers come true, it just means you'll have somebody out there helping you try and accomplish the changes you want....which means the change could happen faster.

But in the end, it goes to the quote from Ghandi that I have on my desk: "You must be the change you wish to see in the world"

Nice post.

Ms.Music.Lover said...

wow, that was really thought-provoking. i never really think about stuff like that; i've always just kinda done what i want to do without think about people wanting to do exactly want i want to do. it was nice seeing things from another perspective. love the blog.

Kelvin Oliver said...

Thanks for the comment on the my blog. I like your blog as well; very expressive. How did you find it, by the way?

Romans 12:2 said...

Thanks for your comment. Good post. I like how you add in the simbol illustrations, personally it makes it alot easier to remember your point since 80% of us are visual learners. - Bob

milai said...

"We can’t always wait for someone else to get us somewhere else."

So true. I always tell myself to "be the change I want to be in this world" for as you said, "we can’t control someone else – we can’t make them do something we want. We can only control ourselves, only we can do exactly what we want."

Nice post. And thanks for your comment on my blog. :)

R.E.II™ (The Missing Manuscript) said...

thanks for the inspiration

Alayna Whisper said...

very inspiring. :)

R.E.II (The Missing Chapters) said...

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Someone said...


that was....WOW.

Your awesome(:

Glass Mannequin said...

I have one REALLY high aspiration. I want to be a managing co-founder of the most basic, self-sustaining unit of society.

I want to be a husband and a father. And I want to be the best dad/husband -ever- in the world. That's my dream. Becoming president, owning multi-national companies, saving the world... These would all be sprinkles on my sundae. Being a father and husband... That's my ice cream.