La Nana

Never Alone

If you ever feel a tear
Know that I am near
Should you ever be hopeless
Know it’s you who has my kiss

When things aren’t right
Don’t worry
I’m with you through the night
In the midst of fury
To help you guard and fight

I’m with you
I always will be
Needing not one cue
I’ll be with you when you’re blue
Your silent guardian

Hush my fearful child
Forever I shall be
It’s for you I’m mild
Not a few
Just me and you

For you only a lullaby
For with me you’ll fly
It doesn’t matter
Ignore their chatter
You’re okay
There’s another day

Yet, if you ever feel a tear
Know that I am near
Should you ever be hopeless
Know it’s you who has my kiss

I’m with you
I always will be
Your faithful guardian

{This is a poem by me that I like to read when things aren't going so well. Even if you don't believe in angels, it's kind of nice to think someone's always watching over. Also, sorry about not commenting back as much - been busy with homework. But should have time this weekend :)}


Glass Mannequin said...
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Glass Mannequin said...

So, I tried to look at this last night and though my dashboard told me that it existed, it wouldn't let me view it until this morning.

I love it.

Who's it by? I think that it's beautiful. I love the way fury and worry meld.

If you ever feel a tear
Know that I am near
Should you ever be hopeless
Know it’s you who has my kiss

That stanza is my favorite. I don't think that it has to be about an angel. In fact, when I was reading this, it sounded more to me like a lover telling his/her companion that their heart is safe. That no outside force can prevail against their love so long as the stand united behind it.

Or maybe a mother whispering calm assurances to her child.

Butterfly. You always have the most beautiful poems and pictures to share. <3

jEeRo said...

a sWeet n tounchin poem..
ya its nice knowin some1 is there 2 watch over u/care n love u..wish i have some1 says those words in your poem to me..

do u know what i think of the word 'prisoner'?..to me every1 of us is a prisoner..if u think about it..aint every1 of us a prisoner in our own insecurities?..this fast-paced life we live in is slowly 'killing' us all..we keep wantin more..keep wantin to prove to others we r better..but better in what ways?..does havin a bigger house,bigger car,more credit cards means we r better?..hell no!..but how many truly knows that?..or worst..we knew but we dun care..dun bother..
wantin to help..n seein gd in people is gd..but do be careful n take care of your-self ok..
have a nice weekend! =]

R.E.II™ said...

In my story, I'm putting up characters as links. Ill link your blog under the folowing character, lady in the mask.

•¦Amy¦• said...

This showed up on my following thing last night, but I was told it didn't exist...but it does now!!!


Again, and as always, beautiful. You have such an amazing talent when it comes to writing these things!

That reminds me of I poem I wrote years ago (not nearly as good as yours though). It had the same feel to it, something I'd look back to when I felt like I needed a little reassurance that I was protected.



JC said...

Maybe it's wishful thinking...
Maybe it's something more though...

$tRangeR tO l!fe....♥ said...

hey!awesome blog!

Beaut!fully Br()ken said...

I totally love this poem !! It's awesome !! It's so sweet !!
You're an amazing writer !!

~Bronte said...

awww that one is really good :0

Vivian said...

I DO believe in angels because they are real.....sent by God to guide us and protect us, give us messages through signs. I've even heard that sometimes they have been known to actually pick people up from an accident or such....Ooooo, gives me chills of excitement just to think of that. Your poem is sweet and an inspiration ( I won't give you any critiquing here, I suppose it's not the place )*smiles* I love to read your poems.....write on!

Vivian said...

I just wrote you a long, really nice comment, guess I took too long and then had to type in that word verification thingy and then my comment disappeared! rats! ok......I DO believe in angels because they are real, sent by God to guide us and protect us....there are many real stories about people seeing their guardian angel....isn't that wonderful? I find your poem a very sweet inspiration! Thank you for sharing. btw....about how many poems have you written?

Vivian said...

ohhhhh, there it is...up there....my comment did post! Sorry to post again heehee

Sy said...

I loved this! I write poetry myself. Well poetry/songs! I like what I'm reading! Oh sorry it took me forever to get back with you! I took some time off for inspirational purposes but I'm back now! There shall be more to come!