Digging the Well

When I walked up to the cafeteria cashier, the first thing he had to say to me was, “Oh, here’s the girl with the beautiful smile!” I smiled, “Thanks.” Then he looked at the girl next to him and continued, “I was just asking my friend here what your name was, and she knew exactly who I was talking about when I said, ‘the girl with the smile’.” I looked over, and she nodded in agreement.

I’ve never told anyone, but when I was around seven, I used to pick out random people. I could be shopping with my mom at the mall, waiting inside an airport, strolling around the city, or looking at a museum, when I’d pick out someone from the crowd who looked really sad. Then, suddenly, I would just look up at their face and flash a smile.

Of course, I was probably a bit too smart for my own good – I knew someone wouldn’t resist a big smile from some random little blue-eyed girl. And somehow, when I smiled at someone and he or she smiled back, I’d feel like we shared some kind of giant secret from everyone else - like we knew something the others didn’t.

Although it’s interesting because the people I remember weren’t the ones who smiled back - they were the people who didn’t smile back. I suppose it was because I couldn’t understand them. Because I couldn’t find the exit to their maze. The people I can’t understand – they’re the ones I have to try to figure out.

Because, when we meet someone, it's like they hand us a non-descript box filled with different pieces of a puzzle. And it’s our job to find a way to put the pieces together - to see the whole picture of that one person. Then again, why go to the trouble? Seriously – does it matter if we try to figure out others? Yet, we can’t win a game if we don’t play it, and we can’t get a job if we don’t go to the interview.

And the smiling? Well, it’s more than an attempt to change someone's day. It is sharing a secret. Because sometimes it’s the small things that betray the inside. It's digging a well, to find the water. It's letting someone know I know they need someone for just one second.


Benji (Rafe) Pacheco said...

its more interesting i guess, playing the game...makes life a little funner

R.E.II (The Missing Chapters) said...

Oh, now I know you...you are the girl with the beautiful smile. No point trying to dig too deep. We are human beings, remember this.

•¦Amy¦• said...

that's cute.

smiles have always been infectious to me. i see them and i give them back. they're just wonderful things.

lovely post.


Katie Alender said...

One of my favorite moments in life happened probably 8 years ago as I was sitting in horrible traffic after what must have been a long, horrible workday. Since none of the cars were moving, I was just looking around at the other cars and drivers. One guy happened to see me looking at him, so he gave me a big grin and a big goofy wave. I smiled and waved back. It was like all of a sudden having a friend.

I try to smile at people--little girls, especially, actually, since I read that eye contact is very important to little girls.

jEeRo said...

i uSe smile in my job quite often..im a retail assistant u see..ya it does feel gd when those customers i smile at smile back..esp little kids..and of cuz gd looking guys..haha..=p
i'd like to have people smile say 'hello' to me..sometimes it does happen..but not all the time..

~Bronte said...

aw thanks!!
ooo this is a good one
thanks it reminds me to smile back

Jaerixon said...

I'm jealous that you have so many more followers than I do.

Beaut!fully Br()ken said...

Hi Girl With The Beautiful Smile ! Lol!
I agree with Jaerixon ! :P Hehe !! Sooooo Many Followers !! :D

Glass Mannequin said...

That's really cute!

Isn't it kind of interesting that the most sophisticated computers in the world is the human brain? Learning how each mind works is always challenging and exhilarating in the same way that it's exciting to learn to use a new piece of technology. Similarly in the same way that the human mind is the most advanced computer in the world, so much more difficult and rewarding it is to figure out someone's mind.

And I got my computer back!

twistingby said...

this is cute, and amazing that you would do that at that young an age... i guess ive always smiled at people randomly, but it isnt until lately that i realise what i'm doing. and you're right. its the ones who dont smile back that i remember, and its because i want to know whay they couldnt smile
..i havnt read anyones blog in a long time...it was good to come here and read a whole bunch of yours :)