Stolen Secret

I've never told anyone this before, but when I was little, like around five, I started a prayer list. I'm very good at making lists – all you need to do is ask my big brother :) I used to keep a list of ten or fifteen things he did that made me mad (he's never let me forget it either!). Or you could ask my old driving teacher: I could remember all the rules he gave, one by one, on how to parallel park. Chat with my old camp counselors, they'd describe how I could memorize everyone's names after hearing them once. Question my Mom – all I had to do was study a spelling list for ten minutes, and I could take the final test. Yes, a memory is such a gift – even though it can also be a terrible curse.

My prayer list isn't ordinary – actually it's a bit peculiar. It started when I was shopping in the grocery store with my family one day, and heard a little girl screaming. Actually, she was my age then. Her parents were yelling at her right back – hitting her. It struck me as wrong; it struck me as terrible. So I decided that I owed that memory to her – that I'd never forget her.

Then there was the blond girl & her boyfriend outside the restaurant in the bright red pick-up. I was absolutely fascinated with them – they got stuck on my list too. And there was the boy who won a game, picked a prize, but then traded it back for something an elderly lady wanted. There was the man that opened the door & gave up his seat, and the person who needed more money for his family. And the guy with the fluffy shirt in the doctor's office.

They're engraved in my head – my prayer list. They're people that I thought were extraordinary in extra ordinary ways. I can remember all of the situations vividly – I can tell you where, I could tell you when. Every detail imprinted, carved onto my mind, on purpose – with a purpose. People I noticed, who never noticed anyone noticed. That's me.

So when you think no one's watching – don't overlook the little girl in the corner. Yeah, she looks too young, and yes, she's pretending not to soak you up in detail. But she could just be remembering you – praying for you – forever.

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Alyssa. said...

Whoa. Mind blowing, eye opening.
You honestly are a very deep thinker.
It's a great thing to have memory (:
And I can't forget to say this; You're always the inspiration, Mariposa.

Kyle Hendricks said...

Reminds me of the saying, "Just because I'm paranoid doesn't mean that they AREN'T out to get me!"

I wish I was like that, sort of. I remember thinking, "I'm never going to forget this day." Well, guess what?
I forgot about everything, except thinking that.
Memory truly is a blessing and a curse.

Krosemarie said...

That is absolutly amazing! What a great thing!!! Thats a really cool thing that you do, I admire you!


Romans 12:2 said...

Wow, You were a cool five year old! I was building Legos and you were taking notes in the corner, praying for people. That's cool.

Jaerixon said...

Oh aren't you the marvelous little do-gooder

~Bronte said...

thats really cool.
inspiration actually :)
also that you were so young and realized that
props for you :)

Prince Trase said...

That's great! Maybe I should start one.

Jill said...

That's so amazing.

I'll also have to keep an eye on little kids in corners now...

--Emilyyy-- said...

You always write very deep and detailed posts.Sometimes I hae to read them three or four times, just to absorb all the information.

Keep on writing :)

Megobuddy said...

That IS really neat that you kept a prayer list of all those people. You never know what kind of difference it made in those people's lives.

I thank God almost everyday that I can come before Him in prayer. It absolutely blows my mind that the Creator of this universe, the God that sacrificed His only Son to die for the entire human race, actually wants to talk with me through prayer! I love it!!! It is so humbling and yet so awesome at the same time that I can have that personal connection with Jesus through prayer.

God is an Almighty God. After all the prayers He has already answered in my life, He will never cease to amaze me.

Definitely keep up that prayer list....and your writing!

Jenn said...

I think you should be a writer! (this is a beautiful post)

...in addition the humanitarian you already are

milai said...

this is another post that i can absolutely relate to as i have the same thoughts...

your memory is a gift in this sense as you are using it to remember and pray for others, for the people who thought they were incognito and are in dire need of assurance - assurance that somewhere, somehow, someone did notice them... and cared.

and that someone is you.

this should thus make others think.

that someone could be me. or you. or him. or her.

being that someone is a choice.

choose to include those people in your very own prayer list. choose to remember.

and care.


jEeRo said...

mEmory is a funny thing u think?..often there r things or people or events i wanna keep lock in 4ever..but they fade away 1 way or another as years go by..n there r things/people/events u wanna erase..but they sit in your brain..like 4ever?..sometimes i tenda have short-term memory..its true..haha..
thkx for your lovely comment!..lookin 4ward to your next post too!

Dan said...

thankyou for leaving a note on my blog... daniel chakraborty from India... :)

Writers of the world UNITE!


Beaut!fully Br()ken said...

aww....thanks a lot for your comment...
i love your posts..your such a sweet girl!! i mean it !! :) love your blog....

Glass Mannequin said...

I love you butterfly. You're so smart and beautiful.

I just hate that I have to share you with all of these strangers.

Unwinding Cable Car said...

That is awesome. Strangers have caught my eye as well. But mostly just at the moment. It's great that God has given you a great memory to intercede for people no one may be interceding for=)

Benji (Rafe) Pacheco said...

That's a pretty cool gift you have there.

We've commented on each other's material before...but I've never asked what you were going to do with this life you have.

So what is it?

Red Eyes said...

This is true. You don't see her, because she is the little girl, hiding behind a fake smile, in the small corner in the room, acting like everything is fine, when secretly she's praying inside. Growing up, I was like that with my father, always praying for him ... but I am sure it was vice versa since we couldnt see it behind the smiles on each others faces.

Red Eyes said...

But I get your point.

twistingby said...

this is amazing. just that. its amazing how u can think like that.
i think about this all the time...the people you dont know are watching... because im always watching people and i remember the randomest situations and individuals.
your so thoughfull, i love reading your ideas and thoughts

Holly said...

I make lists obsessively. I keep most of them in a plain moleskine notebook now. It's therapeutic. I like this post. :)