Our Time

Do you know what you want? In school we’re striving for the good grades, trying to make friends, maybe taking a shot at being the social butterfly or playing some sports. Then we’re applying for colleges and moving into a new world where we’re expected to balance studying & partying. Soon, before we know it, we’ll be graduating, getting a job. There’s time to get married, maybe buy a house. These are goals we’ve set up – or expectations others have set up for us – things we’re supposed to do to get somewhere in life. The things we’re supposed to want.

But then what?

Once we’ve done all that, once we have a steady job, a family & house, – then what? Is that it? When we’ve done everything we thought made life worthwhile, are we really supposed to be settled & happy for completing the world’s goals that define life?

Because there’s more than that. I mean, don’t we want to be remembered - change the world? Or would we be happy with the settled dust after building a house – our life. Planted like a tree with roots, not a bird that soars above them. Do you know what you want? Why you’re living? Do you? Are you going to make a difference – be different?

Are we going to use our voice? Our words? Are we going to make our life a life worth living? Because a voice is there to use, words are there to wield. We can change the world for the better, as others have changed it for the worse. We can help people, because people helped us. We can use our voices because we know how. We can fight with words, because they’re the puppets of our minds.

Do you know what you want?

Because there’s more to life than just being happy with worldly success. There’s a reason you’re alive – and if you don’t think so – then make one. We have to make our lives count, because it’s our turn to face the world.

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One Voice said...


Your posts are always inspiring. That was really...thought provoking. Seriously, you just slightly altered my view on life.


(Hey, the word verication thing says "dipers". Who comes up with those things?)

Story of a Girl said...

You are completely correct. And we definately shouldn't just do what society tells us to do. And we can't be worrying accomplishing those goals at the moment society expects us to. We have to take our time. And of course, help others. Cause you're right... life's not just about us... we do need to make a difference in our world. great post :)

Katie The Kawaii Gurl said...

Totally awesome writing as always Maripossa!!

I often worry about growing up, because the more birthdays- the fewer times you have to put your mark on the world.

And when you are young, people somehow notice your greater achievments more, but when your twenty something?


As "one voice" said.. Totally provoking some thinking thoughts in that brain of mine.

Katie Alender said...

It's kind of two-pronged for me. As I got older, I was struck more by the desire, as you say, to leave my mark somehow, to change the world for the better.

But I have also lately been struck by a kind of... calling it "humility" doesn't seem very humble (LOL), but this sort of realization that you can live your whole life and not be famous and not be a fashion icon and not always be the prettiest, skinniest, most popular person around--and STILL be deeply content and happy.

There's a lot to be said for a "normal" existence, but I think you have to use your normal existence as a canvas or a stage. You don't have to reinvent the wheel, but there's no excuse to settle.

Sometimes the days I feel like I've made the biggest change in the world are the days full of little things, like being friendly with my neighbors, walking instead of driving, treating a homeless person with respect.

But maybe that's me being lazy! Maybe I should be doing more!

Alyssa. said...

All I can truly say is that this was inspiring.
Honestly [:

--loony lyssie

Native said...

really good post, life depends on your particulary view of success

Benji (Rafe) Pacheco said...

very nicely worded...

It's a blog advocating change in such a normal way. Kind of contrast compared to mine...

Jaerixon said...

Fantastic post, I couldn't agree more. Too often I see people who have no idea about where they're going in life. They simply follow others, and do everything their told. But yes, I want to be remembered. If anything, that is all I strive for. I want to make a name for myself, and I will. I want to change the world and I promise you I will. I have a mind, and a very good one at that, and I intend to use it. Normally I try to find something wrong with your posts, so that I can tell you and you can learn, but this has very little flaws if any. Great piece of work.

So how committed are you to changing the world?

Virtuous said...

I totally agree. I am a recent graduate from college but when I was there, my main focus was getting the good grades and getting a good job. But then I realize that I need more in my life---like the Lord.

The things we achieve on this earth is temperal but the things we do for the Lord will always last for ever.

R.E.II said...

Dear Mariposa,
All I desire is a happy simple life. Money or fame isn't everything my late father always said to me. In fact, there exists a paragraph in his will where he repeated the message 'money is not everything'. Equally, I also learnt from my late dad to the extent that I'm not at all interested in world domination although I'm a believer in destiny and will continue to do as fate dictates. Whatever will be will be...if I'm making any sense at all.
Best wishes

Katie The Kawaii Gurl said...

Thanks yourself!1 I always enjoy reading your blog, its something to apsire to and almost always inspires me to write on my blog or a story.

anyway, congrats are instore for you, you have a pretty big following on this blog!

griffinrider said...

it's scary, cuz we're growing up, and we're expected to know what we want. and i don't know exactly what i want.
but i do have some goals- shprt term and long term ones. my goal is to be a good person. it would be great to be famous and save the world and all that, but not everyone can be famous. not everyone can be a superhero. so we have to be content with changing the world in smaller ways. smaller, but not less important.

•¦Amy¦• said...

Again, Wow.

You're always the inspiration. =]

Keep blogging.

-Amy <3

Beaut!fully Br()ken said...

I love your post so much..You know...your talks...They make me think! Like, Take my suggestion...You'll go very good as a councilor! :P
Love your writing so much!! Keep it up girl !!
N ya...love your comments too !! :)

jEeRo said...

tHats a mature theme..
as we grow older we have more burdens/worries..yes its true its all up to us how we handle with the life we r livin..how we truly wanna change the world for the better n really do it..many of us r so caught up in those material things-e.g car,condon.cash etc etc that we lost sight of who we really r..but how many of us really stick to what we say we'll do?..i agreed wif r.e.ii sayin money isnt everything..
well i duno y im here..but i do know life is a on-goin lesson learnin journey..
btw thkx for the lovely comment =>..

R.E.II said...

I guess it's time.

M.v said...

Great post you found the perfect way to describe my thoughts.The more time here the more questions we have.

As the saying goes happiness is a journey not a destination.

Hopefully our journeys are more fulfilling and meaningful as time goes on. Glad u could share.

~Bronte said...

so then people ask why am "i" here, what is "my" purpose, since now i have one, but is it about them? is it about "their" puorpse?
or is it there for others, and not "i"

Story of a Girl said...

thanks for the comment. btw, have you ever heard when's the best time to go to ireland due to weather or cool events? or even due to the airline fair? or have you heard of cool places to visit there? just wondering:)