Shining Candles

Isn't it amazing? Whether we're in a train station or a doctor's office - in a traffic jam, or a mall, we brush past hundreds of people every day. People with different pasts, unique presents, and strange futures, all brought together in one place for a little time with various reasons. It's amazing how different we people are - strangers to each other - and yet, something has brought us together in a single place. I mean, we'll probably never see those people again, probably not remember who bumped into us with a shopping bag, or passed us up an escalator.

All those strangers are just that - strangers. Which is why we don't really care about them, which is why it doesn't matter if we see them or not. But sometimes it just feels like my heart wants to burst. Because I know everyone wears a mask. And I want to know what's underneath – I want to dig deeper.

Because under the mask, beneath the face, is someone who has troubles that they don't know how to confront – that they don't want to show. There’s someone who has a heart. Someone who can be hurt. Someone who wants to be seen. Someone who can be loved. Maybe someone who wishes they had a friend. And no matter what someone has done, I believe that they are beautiful because they are so vulnerable. I believe they are beautiful because they are human - they can change – because they have potential.

We sometimes like to think that we're tough, that we don't have hearts that can be easily hurt. Yet people are so helpless sometimes, even if every day they pretend they aren't. And that's why I want to give away my whole heart sometimes – just to help strangers. I'm not sure why – maybe it's because I wish someone would want to do that for me. And I want to hug them. I want to tell them it'll be okay, because it is.

I want to be there for the people who don’t think they have anyone – people who think no one really cares. Because, as impossible as it may seem, I do care. I peek past the mask, and I always see someone beautiful. I lift off the armor, and there’s a heart.


C.L. Dawn Yang said...

Dear mariposa,wow---believe or not I am working on a piece 30"x40" oil "Can you see me" I just paint my feeling...and here you are write the feeling out,I love it!!!

Alyssa. said...

Wow this was beautiful. I loved it. It's very nice and thoughtful to think that of strangers. I enjoyed reading this.
I think I might feel that way about strangers now, too.
You are always the inspiration.

Romans 12:2 said...

Great description of you thoughts and feelings. Sometimes I feel the same way. It's funny that every blog I visit and post I read, you've already left a comment on it. - Bob

Katie Alender said...

Very important to remember. Especially when you start to lose faith in humanity (which I find happens more the older I get)... it's so crucial to remember that most people are good, and not let a few rotten apples spoil evertyhing.

Benji (Rafe) Pacheco said...

Yes, this was very good. There's so much more behind that exterior we see...

What I want to do? My career? Well, as I've said before, I wanna live for the sake of humanity. I wanna save those in need, a true superhero of sorts. I've always been different. I don't expect to have a normal career either.

The closest I will probably get to the above is an author.

I wanna live the Golden Promise

Jaerixon said...

I understand what you mean by everyone wearing masks. I hit on it a bit in this post:

Why Do People Lie About Who They Are
"I remember when I first started middle school at a new school I judged everyone by first impressions and perceived them by the way they acted or the way they dressed or what their interests were. But as the years progressed, I began to grow closer to people. I started to understand who they really were and it got me thinking about why people try to hide who they really are. I realized that people hide who they really are because exposing their true selves would make them vulnerable to the cruelness of the modern world. They create fake images of themselves like shields to protect them. One large example of this would be homosexuals. As much as I disagree with it, homosexuals are looked down on today. For the most part, they are ridiculed and rejected. So to prevent this, many lie, they say they are straight, and try to do straight things. Why? They would rather have to endure doing things they hate than to be treated like crap by everyone else. Everyone does this in one way or another. It is human nature to adjust and survive. That is why people lie about who they are. To protect themselves from everyone else."

Basically, these masks are important because they protect us. Who we are is very vulnerable and open to aggression, but these masks keep that soft side of us locked away. People very rarely release their shield-like masks because they can easily be hurt. That is why when someone exposes themselves to you, it is important that you understand the frailty of it. You have the opportunity to either help them or crush them, and if you do not act wisely, you could seriously hurt the other person.

Beaut!fully Br()ken said...

I've got just one word for your post- AMAZING !! :)

Prince Trase said...

Wonderful insights and a wonderfil piece of work! Your one of the first who I think can make a tremendous difference with the sadness in the world.

jEeRo said...

yEs every-one wears a mask..some wears more than one mask..n become confused of who they really r inside..theres another reason y people pretend 2b who they r not-2b accepted/to feel belong..n yet most of us feel lonely even when we r with family/friends..often i wonder is this the price we've to pay living in this fast-paced life style?...
n sometimes a stranger knows/understands us more than our family n friends..isnt it weird that sometimes we tend to confide to a stranger?...
thkx for your comment =)..oh no..my poem is scary huh..hmmmm

Amy said...

Again, and as always, Wow.

I always wonder when I'm walking past people I don't know "who are they?", and not their names and d.o.b.s but what kind of people are they? what are they interested in? are they in love? has something tragic happened to them?

The way you put it is just how I feel sometimes. Walking past a mother and her children in a supermarket.

Love your posts <3


milai said...

a very thoughtful and sensitive post. it shows just what a remarkable person you are.

please do know that just by your blog alone you are showing you care. and that you can make a difference. each one of us can.

thank you for not taking an apathetic stance. for your faith in humanity. for caring. just because.

for being you...

Red Eyes said...

This post on shining candles is very true, ironic and thought provoking; very true in that I share the point of view by Jaerexicon. Ironic because we live in a world that's untrue to itself. Thought provoking because (like all your posts) it inspires me!
Thanks for staying connected.

Red Eyes said...

I have also just read all the other comments from dawn young to milai. The comments all confirm that what you have said is very true and that life is a paradox. I am intrigued!

Ms.Music.Lover said...

hey! thanks for the comment, my blog is like my child. haha. but your blog is great, very inspiring writing. it's great!
thanks again

Native said...

Interesting post, one i think alot of people would like to be able to say about themsleves, i believe alot of people wish they could say they felt the same way.

but how many do, how many of us have the passion for people that you described, like you said beneath it all, what is left?

its very touching that you have this passion for people not for personal gain, its very very cool to hear.

twistingby said...

i always want to see under the mask too. i love hearing about peoples lives, and i care about peoples lives too, because that stranger is all of us, im that person sometimes and i wish a complete stranger would stop to talk to me and actually care

~Bronte said...

wow. that inspires me reaally.
true though.
like you just want to sit with someone and see just what they are thinking,
and know their whole life story.
i hope you are doing well!
i love reading your blog!
hehe keep it up girl