A Little Something just for You

What can I say that’s not yet been said?
When I can’t seem to get you
Out of my head

You’re amazing
But that hardly describes it
You’re beautiful
But there’s so much more to it
You’re marvelous, wonderful, and incredible
You’re funny, smart, but also unforgettable

What can I say that’s not yet been said?
When I can’t seem to get you
Out of my head

You’re only everything to me


jEeRo said...

a piece of gd-feeling poem..n the picture u chosed suits juz fine..wish i was in the picture lookin at the sunset listenin to the crashin wave breathin in the sea...
keep on writing!

Beaut!fully Br()ken said...

wow...i love it..its really nice...u write very well !!

Kyle Hendricks said...

Twilight is the best time of day, especially near the ocean. "What can I say that hasn't been said before?"

Amy said...

Great poem. <3
You always write the prettiest things.

The picture is amazing!!! Did you take it???


Alyssa. said...

Awh that was a cute poem. You always write pretty things (:

Katie The Artist Gurl said...


Hey!! Have you seen my new blog...? changed blogger accounts!! so be sure to relink me!


C.L. Dawn Yang said...

Oh...beautiful! beautiful...girl you really can writ...I love this piece!

twistingby said...

nice, nice... your words flow just right

Red Eyes said...

Profoundly moving. This is just the sort of poem you deserve. You are very kind at heart! See you soon

Story of a Girl said...

very nice.

thanks for the comments too:)

♥ Hello Beautiful ♥ said...

sooo cute, plus totally true i cant even begin to descibe how much that applys to me lol :) cute picture by the way its really pretty!!!

--Emilyyy-- said...

Love the picture. Love the poem more.

Native said...

Very nice, speaks so universally about so many things, relationships, addictions, but yet so personal to yourself.

Very Cool

Beaut!fully Br()ken said...

Hey! where have u dissapered ?!

victoria said...

wow, that picture is amazing! keep posting :)

Vivian said...

When mere words just can't seem to say how you feel about someone....write anyway! I now exactly what you are saying in here and you say it well. The refrain line is wonderful! My only suggestion....would be to replace the word " only" in the last line. For me, only and everything contradict each other, unless of cos that was your intent.....how bout: "simply"?

You are simply everything to me!

Still, this is a touching poem.
And your picture is stunning....did you take that?

RJTrue said...

Oh ... wow. This is beautiful. I just started reading so I don't know if I should know who this is to but I love it.

Definitely going to keep reading.