My Grandma

I feel a whisper in my ear
Someone I know
Yes, she’s here

I feel a brush against my hair
Someone’s laughing
Love and care

I feel a kiss upon my tears
Someone understanding
I know she hears

You knew so much
Yet left me here
With just your touch
It’s hard to bear

But when I look in the sky
I know you’re there
Somewhere high
Urging to dare

You’re the one I know
Who hears my prayers
And keeps me safe
From unknown blows

Yes, she isn’t here
And yet she is
People forget her
But I know she lives

I love you too, Grandma

{This is to my Grandma who died a year ago}


James said...

love your grandma with all your heart for a piece of her will forever live on within u as u continue to live. Stay strong, and the poetry was just amazing. Have no regrets with those who have died, and make amends with them. :)

Alayna Whisper said...

I like the "kiss upon my tears" part. Well, I like the whole thing, but that's my favorite part. haha

Brii333 said...

*tear* that totally reminded me of my grandmother. the whole poem was really amazing, but the part about her brushing your hair brought my back to when i was an unruly five year old and my grandma made me sit on the footstool in front of her chair so she could braid my hair, to keep it from getting as dirty as the rest of me...

excellent writing. you have a way of sucking people into your words and making them feel what you want. keep it up.
xoxo, Brii

Glass Mannequin said...

I miss my Grandfather, but I know that he'd be proud of the things that I'm doing and the man that I'm becoming.

I know that your grandmother would be proud of you, too.

Hanna said...

That's really sweet.
I am lucky enough that all four of my grandparents are still here, so I don't know what it feels like to lose on eof them, not yet anyways.

Falling Wings of Glass said...

Great poem! I love how the last four stanzas are four lines long, while the first three are only three lines long. First of all, the simple fact of having three stanzas of three lines and four stanzas of four lines is aesthetic in and of itself (did you plan that?). But I liked how the first stanzas' relative shortness modeled the beginnings of a memory and the longer stanzas following fleshed out the memory, as if your thoughts descended deeper into past times and your memories of your grandmother. The poem was also very touching and it made me think of those that I have lost.

Falling Wings of Glass said...

Also, out of curiosity, did you take that picture yourself?

Cursed♪♫ said...

Your poems filled with so much emotions!
Very beautifully written. I love my grandma. And I'm sure that your grandma must be proud of you! :D ♥♥

C.L. Dawn Yang said...

I love this one, you express your feeling on words...wow beautiful done! I missed my grandmom very much too...thanks to share this piece

bec said...

This is such a beautiful poem and tribute to the memory and love you hold of your grandma.
Part of the lyrics reminded me of a song - When I Look to the Sky by Train, which has always reminded me of my grandmother who raised me and passed away several years ago.
I truly believe our family members live on, and not just this, but that they love on, and watch over us, doing all they can to ease our broken hearts and guide our lives and decisions.
I love your blog. Thank you for sharing!