Answering the Answer

You know how that guy with cancer will suddenly decide to use his time left to promote a cure? Or how an abused girl will choose to stand up for others like her? Or how a guy, whose friend died from drugs, will cultivate a group for drug awareness? Or how an alcoholic, who almost died from his addiction, will change and become a speaker against his own past? It's amazing when we think about it; how these people used what happened to them, and turned it into good. It’s almost like there was a reason for why those terrible things happened – almost like those things happened so these people would be inspired to help others in the same situation.

But that's not completely true.

These horrific things do not just happen because it is destiny for the people impacted to fight against them. In fact, many people decide to give up on life when things go wrong - they decide there is no medicine, no cure, to make up for injustices. No, terrible things usually don't seem to occur for any reason at all.

Rather, the people deeply impacted by them decide that there must be a reason - they chose a reason. We are not exactly given reasons – instead we make them by wanting them. After all, there should be a reason, right? We don’t exactly believe that things happen because they happen. No, we beg & plead - we cry out - maybe even scream, “Why?” instead of settling for just a, “Well, that’s life for you.” We look for reasons, and by doing so, we make reasons. And often that’s how we attach meaning to our lives, that’s how we fulfill our questions, how we make sense of our lives.

So when bad things happen to us, we shouldn’t just wait for a reason to come and explain what happened, because there might not be one. Rather, we have to make them.

Because sometimes, if we make reasons, then there is a reason after all.


milai said...

sometimes, it is what we believe in that makes all the difference. :)

i once committed myself to loving someone people deemed unworthy of me and so amidst my lone fight with the world, i made up reasons why he's worth fighting for. why he's the one. and it did make me feel justified in my choice.

hope you're doing great with your exam preparations. :)

Brii333 said...

that makes sense. your posts always make me think about things i wouldn't normally think about so much. i know that what you're saying is true, because i've seen it in myself, but i wouldn't have realized it if you hadn't have said something. thanks.

•¦Amy¦• said...

That's very true. Sometimes we do have to make the reason. And I think that's part of life's lesson, to learn how to make something good and right out of something that without the eye for hope most people would see as a reason to not go on living.

I have a friend, who went through a terrible situation like one of the ones that you listed. And through her experience I've contemplated many a time how I can help people who've gone and will go through what she did, and how to prevent it from happening to people. Sometimes the reason isn't even connected to the person the unfortunate situation befell. Sometimes it inspires someone else to do something about it and help others through similar situations.

Lovely post dear <3

Rafé said...

Nicely said...
I would expect something less liberal from you though...being a Christian and all, haha

Just a girl name said...

Very good post.

Falling Wings of Glass said...

Or do we make reasons sometimes because there is a reason after all?

James said...

This post has to come with an idea that I have been working for on a long time, and I think I have it. When a bad situation happens, I mean an absolutely horrible thing happens to the person. There are two possible things that can happen. The best of the person will be brought out, or the worst of that person will be brought out. You are right though, we focus so much on the way, hoping that an answer will be tossed our way. Its almost like focusing on a math problem you are having difficulties with. You can either focus on why you will need this in your life and why you have to do it and why why why. Or, you can focus on trying to find the solution, find the best thing you can, make the best you can of the situation, and maybe you will get it right. Maybe I am just babbling on, but that's kinda how I see it. Anyway, I love your blog. Just thought I would let ya know. If I haven't already said it.

Cosette said...

Cool post. Yeah it depresses me to see people basically shut down after disaster strikes. I mean, there's still life to live.

Okie said...

Having just finished reading Tess of the D'Ubervilles, I've been thinking a lot about tragedy in life and what to do with it.

This is a great post. I'm a firm believer in making the most out of any situation...sometimes life can get overwhelming, but if we give up hope and just let go, then we're also giving up the right to complain.

I agree that some bad situations can be a great impetus for good work and life/social changes. But what you say is equally (and more) important...that we need to just push on regardless of what we can do and find the answer that works for us in our situation to make it better. That answer for us may be to go find a cure for cancer or save the homeless...or it may be to get up each day with a positive attitude and smile at life.

Great post.

C.L. Dawn Yang said...

For whatever the reason is, I believe the creater of the universe has chosen to bless who trust Him and learn "faith" through the storm...you can cry through the storm or you can just dance with Him through the storm