What makes your heart tick?
What makes your face glow?
What makes you smile?
I want to know

I want to peek inside your heart
See if it’s for me
Set apart

I want to steer within your mind
Find if it’s as pure
As it is kind

I want to know all your passions
See what they are
Exquisite fashions

I want to see what you love
Money and riches
Or hearts from above

What makes your heart tick?
What makes your face glow?
What makes you smile?
I want to know

Could it be me?

But do you see in me
What I see in you
Could you forever be
Everlasting true

Do you love me
Would you watch me go?
Or would you follow
No matter where I flow

Are you really different?
Do you truly care
What’s inside of me
Or am I in your hair?

Do you care as much of me
As I do of you
Or am I just another girl
To drop on a cue

Want to see what’s in my heart?
My mind, body, soul
Or really just tear it apart
For your own personal goal

Do you care what makes my heart tick?
Do you care what makes my face glow?
Do you care what makes me smile too?
I want to know


milai said...

Exquisitely revealing. Something I can write but will never have the courage to give to the guy to whom I write it for as I hate to let anyone see the vulnerability in me.

Stubborn pride.

Or maybe I just take calculated risks that I can only show a poem of such openness if and when I am already sure of his feelings for me.

Nice job. :)

Native said...

What makes me tick
What makes me glow
are you sure you want to know

What if that which you see in me
Is that which makes you flee
If you saw in me
All my fears
All the tears

Would you want the love
Or like the dove
Would you want to be free
Free from me
Free from what your eyes now hold
From a life you now know to be cold

What if the worlds i told
Were only to make you glow
With no meaning
Just to make your heart gleam
But they were hollow
Would you want to hear
Lies filling your ear

What makes me tick
What makes me glow
Are you sure you want to know

simpleman said...

That was really great! Good job. I wrote something recently with a very vulnerable feel. Let me know what you think... Honestly if osmething in it is bad let me know so i can correct im working on it....

go to this link and its called work in progress #1

Okie said...

Cool poem. The title makes it especially thought provoking. Thanks for sharing.

Yerika =] said...

GREAT GREAT GREAT poem Absolutly LOVE it!!
Great Job
Yerika Reyes

•¦Amy¦• said...

Lovely poem.
I used to try and write poems like that, things that are read with such ease, but I never wrote anything as good as that!

Great blog as always.

-Amy <3

Glass Mannequin said...

What holds you up there?
What makes you sky-high?
What makes you fly?
I want to try.

I want to ride behind your wings.
Try to fly myself
Hardest things.

I want to fly upon your smile.
See if it's that easy
Soaring mile after mile

I want to know all your wonder
See what you feel
Intrigued, I ponder

What holds you up there?
What makes you sky-high?
What makes you fly?
I want to try.

Will you come down
Or laugh from up there?
How could you be found,
Anchored somewhere?

Would you see inside of me?
My mind, body, soul
Butterfly, can you not see?
I'm clear, a still water pool.

Because I am made of glass.
A mannequin mobile.
I am Glass.

Justin Friello said...

Thanks for commenting. Keep reading!

James said...

u are amazing.

ashlea014 said...

hey,it's ashlea.i'm back to my blog so check it out.

Savy said...

Amazing poem. It was beautiful, not overly dramatic or mushy, but you could feel it came from the heart. I strive to write poetry like that!

Completely true to myself, too, milai. But I go as far as to not even write such a personal poem as to prove to myself I have no vulnerability.

Again, beautiful poem.

jEeRo said...

one very beautiful poem..
i too wish i have the courage saying these words to the one i love..but(theres alwaz a but)guess im just scare..

i havent been writing any poem lately..my mind is a blank again again..

Kia said...

You are such a talented writer! I always look forward to reading your new posts!

Falling Wings of Glass said...

This poem is beautiful. I'm new to the blogger world, and I don't really know anyone besides myself who writes poetry. Thus, reading someone eles's was both refreshing and encouraging, especially because it was very good ;).

Beloved Dreamer said...

This is a wonderful poem. Your images
and use repetition is great. Think some more about writing poetry. I think you have what it takes. Well done my friend.


C.L. Dawn Yang said...

Beautiful! Beautiful! This piece inspired me!!! wow!!! So touched!!