Finding the Bow in the Rain

Once a boy and his family were forced out of their house, so he had to work to support them. Two years later, more tragedy befell him, and his mother died. A few years later, he failed in business. He decided to run for state legislature, but lost. He lost a job too, so he applied to law school, but couldn't get in. He then borrowed money from a friend to begin a business, but by the end of the year he was bankrupt.

Then his fiancé died, and he was heartbroken. He had a nervous breakdown and was in bed for six months. He tried to become speaker of the state legislator and lost. He tried to become an elector and lost. He ran for Congress and lost. He ran for Congress again and finally won, but lost his re-election. He tried to get the position of land officer (in his home state!) but was rejected. He ran for U.S. Senate and lost. He ran for Vice President and lost. He ran again for U.S. Senate and lost again. And then, by chance, he became president - President Abraham Lincoln.

That's astounding when you think about it– it almost defies human limits: to keep trying, to keep failing, to keep trying, to keep failing. Somehow it seems like a normal human being would give up along the way – say that he couldn’t handle it, that it just wasn’t meant to be, that he couldn’t beat the odds. Then again, Lincoln wasn’t a normal human being. But then, are any of us?

The element that distinguishes successful people from non-successful people is not luck – it’s how they view failure. Or sometimes it’s just as simple as realizing, when they feel like giving up, why they held on for so long.

Remember why you’ve held on; remember why you haven’t given up yet. Where there’s a will there’s a way, because there is nothing stronger than your set will. The way will be cruel, it will hurt, it will test you, but that just means that what you are going after is worth so much more.

Lincoln wasn’t a normal human being. We don’t have to be either.

{Just in case, finding the bow in the rain = rainbow ;) }


jEeRo said...

like your title for this post..and of course the story u wrote..
yes its true many of us give up when we don't even try our best..often we think we did try our best..not knowing its still not the best..

i know well what its like to keep holding on to some-one or something when none is there to support me..and yes i admit those times i did ask myself'why are you still holding on?!..give up!..move on!'..i didnt..cuz i knew whatever im holding on to is worth it..even none agreed with me..its a lonely fight..but its worth it..no matter what happens..cuz like what you said..
finding the bow in the rain =]

simpleman said...

Wow thats an amazing story!

Its hard when you dont know which battles to choose. When do we keep fighting and when is it not worth it?

Kia said...

This is a great post. It is so fitting with the current events in our history, with Obama becoming president and trying to associate himself with Lincoln. I was not aware of how many times Lincoln ran for various offices and positions and lost! His resilience is amazing. When I think of what these peole have achieved in their life, it inspires me to keep chasing my dreams and to not get discouraged by so called failure. There comes a point when you get sick of making lemonade out of lemons, but if your heart is still in it, you just keep going. The success you have worked towards will come eventually, if you hold onto the goal long enough. Tjis is reason enough not to give up on yourself. I like the title by the way. I didn't get it until you explained it though! :) Very clever!

simpleman said...

Thanks for your comments! they mean a lot!

There was definitely a lot of meaning with everything ive written lately. clearly im bitter.

Im happy you liked my new blog too i was scared to put anythingup. SO scared.

•¦Amy¦• said...

Wow. I didn't know all that about Lincoln. It's inspiring!

Keep on keeping-on.

Lovely post darling :]

-Amy <3

James said...

I like what you are saying. We do not measure if a person is successful by whether they succeed the first time or second time, but how they continue to try over and over again not allowing the failure to get in their way. Over and over we must try again until we finally succeed or we will die trying! Nothing can hold us back no matter what! Not only that, we must not allow our past failures to hold us back from everything that is possible for us to achieve.

deko and posh said...

Great write up. That is why Deko and Posh say "To your best and you will be a success."

Rafé said...

Really? Lincoln?
Wow, if this is true then it's inspiring...

Armed with Crayons was good as well.

i guess the point is the same. Thanks for the good reads

Bewildered said...

This made me cry...Im in the verge of giving up my dreams. :)