Sue His Side

I could never understand it, but that’s why I tried to understand it. I mean, it’s natural to strive for life, right? It’s natural to fear - to avoid - the unknown. And yet, some would rather brave the unknown than the known, because there’s something not right with the known, something gone wrong. In fact, 83 times a day in the U. S., once every 17 minutes it happens: suicide.

I won’t pretend to be an expert on suicide, but I do find it interesting that when people commit suicide, it’s after they commit suicide, that others truly take notice of them. Whereas people need to be noticed, maybe even want to be noticed, before they kill themselves. They talk about it, plan for it, give away things, and say good-bye like it’s for the last time. And yet, when people do that, do we really take them seriously – offer to help?

Like with Michael Jackson, not that he committed suicide, but before he died, people in general thought he was a weird person – a success gone wrong. He was someone who looked weird and acted strange. And then, when he died, everyone suddenly started buying and playing his music. They started talking about how great he was, how he influenced culture. People forgot about his faults, and only remembered his greatness. Someone who no one had a passion for was suddenly praised and loved . . . once he was dead.

So why can’t we do that when the person is alive? Why can’t we praise and love them when they can hear us? Why can’t we forgive them while they’re alive? We need to realize what we could lose before we loose it. We need to tell the people we care about that we care for them. We need to tell the people we admire that we admire them. We need to tell the people we love that we love them.

Because it might make a difference - it might save a life . . . it might save our life.

(let me know what you think!)


Bronte said...

glad to have you back! ALWAYS APPRECIATED

pihzaz said...

this was so gooooood!

Earth-ling said...

=] good blog here.

Royals said...

thanks, i love your blogs as well. they're very interesting to read.

hope you follow me, because i will as well.

Tunafish said...

I think that it's because we're all so selfish and it takes something big to make us snap our heads up and take notice of the things outside of us. It's probably something else too but I can't think of what it could be. We're always too tired to help, too busy to talk, too self absorbed to realize that someone's hurt. Or too prideful to acknowledge that we need someone. We have too many faults, I have too many faults. If only I could want to want to do what I need to do, what He's told me to do. Only through His strength. If I act as though I haven't changed, I would probably have taken my life already and ruined the lives of others as much as I could. Thank goodness Christ has redeemed me! Don't go away dear Jesus! We need to tell the people who are in the same place as us that we can find a way out together. I'm so glad you're back, your posts always make me think. Jesus loves you! =)

Prince Trase said...

Great insight! To answer your question: There are rare moments where the ends does justify the means. It all depends on what the person think is right and wrong. So people will interpret it a different way. The way you justify your ends would be different from mine.

jEeRo said...

its human nature i suppose..often we only realise what we have(had) when its gone..be it something or some-one..

often people don't take it seriously..when a person talks about having the thoughts wanting to end his/her life..i believe its the stress..the feeling of unloved..the feeling of just wanting some-one to listen and no-one does..that drives people to take their own life..

not every-one has a family or few closed friends that truly care..

this is really well-written..and thkx for your sweet comment..im truly glad you are back..

Rafé said...

that's right we have to take care of each other before something that happens! shoot, we should take care of each regardless of what'll happen next or what has happened

Hanna said...

It's because (sadly enough) that you don't know what you have until it's gone.
Time and time again.

milai said...

hey! glad to see a new post here. it's been a long time. i myself have stopped blogging for a while. :) thanks for the visit. how have you been doing? how was school? i am sure you passed all those exams.

by the way, i like this post. i myself wonder why we only express how good someone else is after s/he has passed away. aren't eulogies always about the good side of the person? why can't we talk about his / her good side while s/he was still with us?

...and you're right, making them know their value and that they are loved will indeed make such a difference.

take care! :)

James said...

Mrs. Mariposa, I hope to shed some life on why you can't seem to understand suicide. Why it is so hard for you to understand.
Before I continue, you have to understand that explaining why a person wants to do this is hard and complicated. Its the equivalent of trying to tell a boy about how much it hurts to have cramps. It just doesn't always work. So bear with me.

The reason a person does it, for the most general and generic reason is that they simply can't take it. They are unable to take life. Its impossible for that person to continue on living. If the person kills themselves the pain will be taken away. The suffering. The cruelty. The evil of the world. They won't have to deal with it. They won't have to deal with how hard life is.

Usually, something happens that pushes them over the edge. They are raped, beaten, emotional abused, ignored by people, and it hits a point so great that the coping skills that they have are unable to match up to those horrid things.

It is interesting to see that people only notice you after you are dead. Its because you are there. When you are there nobody thinks you are going to go. You have a while to be there and nobody really thinks you are going anywhere. When you are gone, you will not ever see that person again, or at least for a long amount of time. When the person is alive, you can see them as much as you want so you get lazy and don't want to see them. You don't want to care. Nobody cares about you. A lot of people don't.

Humans will forever pick on the weakness of each other. There will be no toleration of weakness. The weak will be found and crushed. Humans are just selfish.

Its the people who listen to you that you should care about.

Others simply won't. Only the strong, the truly kind strong and intelligent will listen to those who need it the most.

Native said...

Yes yes i do remember you =)to be fair lol MJ was praised for his work, but it goes hand in hand with scrutiny... its a tough old world