Running out in the Blue

Out of the blue, five years ago, someone struck up a conversation with me asking, “So, would you rather live in the city or the country?” Without thinking, I immediately exclaimed, “The country!” Of course, maybe my passion for horses had something to do with that, but perhaps there was more . . .

Today I’m in love with the city: how the block you live on is like one big family, how you can go out to eat at 3a.m. without seeming bizarre, how there’s always a vivacious party to go to, how you don’t need a car. Then there’s the lights. The feeling of life. The architecture. The history. It’s all completely beautiful and overwhelming at once.

But then there’s the country with the painted sunsets and the trees’ dark silhouettes made of black lace. There's the trickling creek that has neither an end nor a beginning, the birds that sing you gentle lullabies and the wind that never stops lapping at your hair. There's the fragrance of flowers mixed with a sky that’s bigger than all the oceans sewed together which flaunts its twinkling stars at night. There’s the strong personality that equals the city’s diversity – and you don’t have to go to the gym for exercise.

And I’ve found that no matter how deeply I am enamored by the city, it could never come close to the country. For the county, it takes our breath away – no, it takes our being away. It makes us one with nature and weaves us into its painting. Of course, the city can steal our breath with its magnificence too.


We can find out how a city was built - how it was created - if we want. We could study the architecture, we could learn the city's history. Whereas with the country, we can’t. Sure, we can learn the techniques of a painting locked in a museum, but we can’t know how the inspiration of this mere copy was created. We can’t know why trees were made with broad leaves to shade us, or why birds are the ones that fly. The country is wrapped around baffling puzzles and questions of existence.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, in the city, we usually run inside a gym, but in the country, we run inside a dazzling mystery that changes everyday.

(would love to know your thoughts!)


Native said...

You have a very romantic outlook on things dont you, very refreshing, your quite an optimist, i think that shows through a lot in your writing.
Nice work

Anonymous said...

The country...
I like the city. I've always been someone who enjoys being around people and who likes "action"... but the country... it's my choice. It gives me freedom. I can go and take a walk on my own without worrying about who's out on the street. I can sit outside on the streets and see a beautiful valley in front of me instead of houses and tall buildings. I can listen to birds singing and the wind whistling instead of cars running and sirens screaming.
The country is a place the man hasn't been able to spoil yet, and I love it.

Tunafish said...

I kinda got the idea about halfway through reading this that the city and the country can be compared to people. A city person, a person of the world, can be amazing and dazzling but still is predictable and we know everything about them because they're like all of the other people who live like them and who are like them and are essentially them. But a country person, a child of GOD, is a mystery because of their Father, their Creator. They truly are beautiful and amazing. This is only revealed by effort though. One who is always around noise and chaos cannot fully appreciate stillness and peace. =P just my little thought. I like the city for it's noise and closeness but it's good to go to the country every once in a while. When I do I really enjoy it. But I guess I'm just a city guy. I don't know what that means in relation to my previous thoughts... Jesus loves you! =)

Prince Trase said...

A very bright post! You're very insightful when it comes to things personal. I love the city as well. The lights, the people. But each place has its own beauty and we all have to see that. Vicariously or directly.

(I wish I had these many comments on my blog. :) Haha.)

Native said...

In response to Tunafish... arent all people children of God, loved by their creator irrespective of the choices they make, to live in the city or the country, arent we all together under the banner of christ, whilst we were once jew and gentile now we are children of Christ?
I tell you there is more rejoicing in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner who repents

Tunafish said...

Sorry to be confusing, I was just expressing an idea, however so inaccurate. Yes, we're all loved by GOD but only the redeemed, those who've repented are GOD's children, Christ's flock. I was just describing the saved and those who've not yet seen hope pretty badly. Though it's our job to provide a way to bring everyone under Christ's banner. Jesus loves you! =)

Native said...

I would disagree, God knit us together in the womb before we were even a forethought.
Irrespective of whether or not we choose to follow Christ... we are loved sons and daughters as he is our father.

Romans 12:2 said...

Yeah I remember you. I don't think I could forget you.

Sometimes I take blogging breaks too.

Very good description of the country. I prefer country over city too.