World of Color

Hey! So first of all, thanks to everyone for the comments - I love reading them :) Yesterday was extremely busy, so I'm sorry I didn't get the chance to write anything, but I guess that just leaves more for today, right? So I was visiting my older sister in N.Y. recently, and we went to the Frick Museum (which has paintings by the European masters) and the MoMA - or the Museum of Modern Art. And I always think that it's a little crazy how hard some people try to decipher the meaning of a particular piece of Art. They'll go into such depth explaining why the painter did this - or why the painter maybe did that. What the shapes & colors mean - what the fluid movement or lighting is saying. Then someone else comes along with a total different interpretation of the same art piece.

I do realize that many paintings obviously have a meaning - or a reason in the painter's mind as to why they exist. However, my theory is that some painters just paint to paint. In fact, I think some painters could be devious enough to paint something that is not meant to have meaning, just to see what people could come up with in their interpretations of it. In addition, I think some paintings are just meant to be enjoyed and not critiqued - that Art is meant to open the mind as music is meant to open the soul. What do you think about it?

Okay, here are four fun facts about me:

1. My favorite color is purple. And I know, it's considered a girl color, but purple's been my favorite color for basically my whole life. My Mom says it started when I was about two - when I had this purple dress I loved to wear all the time (I was very paticular about what I wore, which is funny for a two-year-old).

2. My favorite car is the Corvette. Yeah, wishful thinking, right? Maybe someday . . .

3. My family has three cats. And this is partly my fault - okay, all my fault :) I just really like animals, and the thing is, there were a few stray cats running around in my neighborhood. They were pretty shy, and didn't really like people. However, with me and my determination, I started taming some - and my family then kept them as pets.

4. What touches my heart: When a someone does something unexpectedly kind for someone else, and expects nothing in return.


Glass Mannequin said...

Well, I think that purple is a very cute color. When I think of purple, I think of lavender and violets.

Do you ever wonder if there's a kind of recipe for love? I've liked people, some more than others, but I find that when people share secrets and facts about life with each other (looking into each others eyes helps, too) deep emotional bonds are far quicker formed.

I was wondering if, in your experience, you've ever come across something that just struck you as like-able.


mariposa said...

I'm glad you think purple is a cute color :) So is there a recipe for love? I think there is - but I also think that each person has a different recipe. And maybe that's how you know you're in love: when two people complete each other's recipes by having the right ingredients.

And, yes, when people share their secrets and facts, I think they do bond. Because when people share things, they're telling the other person that they trust them - even if they don't know each other that well :)

mariposa said...

And yes, I have come across many things that strike me as likeable, but I'm not sure exactly what you mean?